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6 Reasons Little Cigars are Taking the Market by Storm

by Editor (editor), , December 18, 2017

You may even enjoy the experience more than smoking some of your current cigars. Here’s why.

What’s the image you get when someone mentions a cigar? You’re used to them being long with extensive diameters, right?

But the cigar world is changing. There’s a new player on the field and you should get on board. It took me a while before I took a chance and I’m sorry I didn’t capitulate sooner. They’re called little cigars and they’re impressive!

What is a Little Cigar?

A little cigar is not a cigarette.

Yes, they’re more or less the same size as a cigarette. Some of them do contain filters but they’re simply a shorter, thinner version of a cigar:

-Filters are sweeter than cigarettes’

-Tobacco is less processed than cigarettes’

-They’re inhaled rather than puffed like cigars

They’re more affordable than cigars and cigarettes. But don’t think they’re lower in quality. You may even enjoy the experience more than smoking some of your current cigars.

Here’s why.

Why They’re so Popular

It Offers an Affordable Option

Let’s face it. Smoking is not a cheap pastime. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes or even the occasional cigar you can run up a sizable bill every month. Because cigars’ prices are influenced by popularity and even scarcity of quality products you have to pay high prices for the ultimate experience.

But little cigars are perfect compromises.

They still carry exceptional flavor and some even beat cigars in this department. But they’re not highly priced in general. This is partly because of their unique taxing guidelines too.

It’s Ideal for Beginners

Little cigars are found in many different flavors. If you’re new at this pastime and need some familiar flavors—such as fruits or chocolate—you’ll find a little cigar in that category.

The size also makes it comfortable for most people’s hands. While you learn more about your new hobby you can decide whether you want to stick with the small units or move on to larger cigars.

This makes them the perfect item to introduce friends to cigar smoking. Start them out on mild little cigars they don’t have to puff on for long:

-You don’t waste money on purchasing pricey products

-They can try a few without getting tired of them, because some don’t last long

-The variety of flavors makes it easy to find something applicable for any kind of palate

Women Love Them

These flavors—mentioned above and later on in this article—are why they are popular options for women. Females tend to enjoy them more than the heavy aromas of cigars.

Women also love the more feminine look compared to large cigars.

They’re Perfect for Smoke Breaks

An important factor in picking a cigar is the time it takes to smoke it. If you have all evening to enjoy yours a large cigar that takes an hour or more is ideal. You want to take your time and savor the aromas.

But what do you do if you’re simply taking a smoke break?

There’s no reason to return to—or start up—your cigarette habits. I’ve found little cigars that only take 10 or 15 minutes to smoke. Once again don’t underestimate their value. They’re designed to last a short while but every puff is full of flavor.

Now you don’t have to waste a large cigar on a short smoke break. And you don’t have to sit with the—mostly unwanted—odor of normal cigarettes.

They’re Packed with Flavor

And flavor is the item mostly mentioned when people talk about these cigars. Why are they so full of aromas?

You get the benefit of some of the best leaves in the world packed tightly into a little cigar. Yes, some manufacturers use the same quality products used in normal cigars. Left overs are allocated to little cigar manufacturing and then the factories add more flavors, because they realized it’s what the consumers want.

Will you be one of the happy customers?

It’s Effortless

Yes I know the gadgets and processes of cigars are part of what attracts people to this hobby. But if you’re traveling or visiting friends you don’t want to lug your humidor, cutter and all your other gadgets with.

With little cigars you can match the experience without the effort.

They don’t need to be cut so I can lit mine wherever I feel like one.

What are the Results?

A few years ago you probably wouldn’t have found little cigars in every store. But it’s 2017 and and most other cigar vendors know what the public wants now.

Little cigars are still gaining traction in the market. Stores are stocking more brands and more products.

Manufacturers also respond to consumers’ tastes. Many well known brands offer their famous products in a slightly smaller version. Invariably it intensifies the taste so people respond well after each launch.

Popularity can be attributed to taste and to practical reasons, such as the shorter smoking times. One thing is for certain: the little cigar is here to stay.

And this is not limited to the US. In countries where the cigar market is still developing little cigars usually find favor too. One example is in China where many women are trying cigars for the first time. They find flavored little cigars the perfect introduction to their new hobbies and each launch of a new product is met with excitement.

The little cigar still has a long way to go. They’ve been around for more than a century but for the past few years they’ve taken the market by storm. How much of the market will they take from other products? Try one and let’s find out.

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