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A must-have innovative all in one USB-c hub gadget, you can’t Miss

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , December 15, 2017

Let us now take a look at it’s highlighted features:

An innovative device that transfer data while charging at the same time! Now that is what I call performance intelligence.

Suitable for your MacBook or Chromebook pixel and likes, this USB-c hub is a hi-tech gadget that should be a must on your list.

The USB-c hub is an advanced integrated and a multifunctional c type adapter that identifies between 14.5v and 20v. It’s the best gadget that you can get for yourself today.

So what does the Lavakare include?

Well, there’s good news, the usb-c hub is accompanied by three ports of USB 3.0, it has 1 HDMI output, 1 Ethernet Gigabit port, SD card slot -1 and 1TF card slot and all these in one hub. Isn’t that cool!

Now, this elegant gadget is available in silver, rose gold and gold color to match with your MacBook, or iPad. There are some very cool features of this super device as well. Let us now take a look at it’s highlighted features:

  • Multifunctional and space saving
  • One connector that serves all purposes
  • Charges your MacBook 12” or iPad very quickly
  • Simultaneous file transfer
  • Mirror your screen on your TV or big screen. With a 4K video adapter, you can quickly set up an extra screen with high definition audio and video in no time.
  • It has the super speed to transfer data rapidly up to 5gbps.
  • Provides you lightning fast speed linkup with its port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet and it can access network speed of 1000 Mbps
  • Sleek design that matches your MacBook and its aluminum alloy finish makes it a perfect companion for your MacBook as well.

But what is important to note that there are many similar USB -c hubs available on the market. So you must pay attention to the one you are buying. Whichever device you buy, must serve your purpose and be value for money.

Let me name a few most renowned and liked USB-c hub products on the market:

  • Belting USB-C & A with four mini-hub available at a price of £35.
  • Kanex USB C 3.0 hub adapter with Ethernet adapter as well. Price of £30 is quite impressive for this network pro USB hub.
  • Satechi USB adapter with charging ports and SD and micro SD card slot. All these features at the cost of £45, which I find a bit on the higher side though.
  • A/V champion, Prodigee USB-c & hub adapter, now this is a severe stuff with three USB slots, SD and mSD slot and a 4K HDMI. Impressive at a price of £80.
  • GN30H is a premium USB-C hub that has superior power charging, three USB slots, ethernet adapter along with HDMI port. Priced at $73, this is excellent stuff.

If you wish to buy this super cool and user-friendly gadget for your MacBook or iPad, you can easily purchase them from online stores and get free shipping and great discounts.

All these products come with manufacturer warranty and a very friendly customer support, to assist you round the clock.

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