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Criminal records search: What information you get from it?

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, December 09, 2017

Whenever you are about to hire someone for your company, you must ensure that the person has a positive history.

Whenever you are about to hire someone for your company, you must ensure that the person has a positive history. People want their companies to be as safe as possible, and they love to create a healthy environment. So, to keep things in right place, many countries require employers to proceed with some kind of background check before hiring a person. Among many screening processes, according to the position that you will be managing, the employer may ask a company for criminal records search. Here, we will list details about it.

What is a criminal record check?

The criminal record check is a process in which you will be able to find out if the person has been convicted of any crime in the past. There are some companies that offer the services, and even the state may require you to have such check depending on some circumstances. There are some legal restrictions that apply to such verifications, and you are generally permitted to check the conviction records. However, finding out the arrest records are usually prohibited, but there are a few exceptions.

Where to check the record?

There are a number of places where you have to check the record. If you are to do it on your own, you might find difficulties in accessing the right departments and requesting the verifications. The first office of the target should be the state’s central repository of records. Moreover, you can also contact the local criminal agencies for finding out whether the person had been involved in any illegal activities. Furthermore, the country where the applicant might have been residing at any stage of his life makes a strong checkpoint. Moreover, the motor vehicle department will provide you information for driving-related convictions (especially if the unit of hiring is relevant to driving). At last, you have a federal bureau of investigation to obtain the information.

Should you conduct it?

Well, it is always good to have such kind of checks because there are times when you hire someone who has a lousy record. So, your company starts to suffer as the person may bring in negativity. Ultimately, the performance of your business hurts and you will face a fall in your work. Many companies also try to avoid hiring the person with any criminal record in the past.

However, despite all the above, there are three technical points that will address the situation in a best possible way. First of all, take a look at the position that is being filled. Secondly, think about the information that you have got from the application and put it in contrast with whether you should perform a criminal record verification or not. Lastly, you will surely have to spend some money on it so think about whether your business can bear the cost and if the post is worthy of all that investment from your side.


So, this was all about the criminal records search. If you are about to conduct any such verification, always take help from professionals. They have pre-established links that will reduce the time required and take the hustle away from your head.

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