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Management Information Systems in Organizations

by Joseph C (writer), , January 02, 2018

?A computer based mechanism which provides the necessary information which is required in the effective management of an organization is referred to as the management information system.

A computer based mechanism which provides the necessary information which is required in the effective management of an organization is referred to as the management information system. An MIS should be made in such a way that it allows communication amongst the employees. It should provide system that has an objective of recording the necessary information and aid in supporting an organization to have a definite direction and maintain its strategic goals. Information systems doe include procedures, hardware, colleagues, software and data that are put in place to help in gathering and analyzing information. MIS personnel help the organizations in maximizing the benefits from the investments in business processes, equipment and personnel. This system provides information on each level of management in an organization. The main purpose of this system is to provide feedback to the managers on the performance of each level of management. This paper explores on the importance of the installation of MIS in organizations and their outcome.

Samsung and Apple are international corporations that require relevant technology that is up-to-date that will enhance its smooth running for a long period. Apple is the second-largest company in the telecommunication industry. Technology that is used is the main key player that should be put in place to change the outdated trends in the industry. This system has been incorporated in the cellphone industry to improve on the products for potential sales. Even though Samsung is a company that is much consolidated but still it requires a strategic more developed planning system. This will enable it to identify better projects in order for it to be able to compete with the other telecommunication industry. Samsung’s top management takes that are strategic in decision making in order to ensure that they are the key players in the telecommunication industry. All levels of departments in the Samsung industry are answerable to the CEO. The Samsung CEO has set up a unit that is separate to enable the starting and meeting requirements of the targeted customers. This will also enable the company to be able to generate more income for the shareholders. The CEO has ensured that the various departments are working in collaboration for the company to achieve its maximum profits.

Apple designs and markets computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics. Apple sells its products through E-commerce. This helps in making the international and national markets accessible. Apple also applies Business Intelligence. This are technologies and applications that consolidate and analyze and provide an access to lots of data to help its customers to make better decisions. BI helps the company in making faster and fact-based decisions. Wireless Application Protocol enables devices that are wireless to access web based services and information. The company has a customer relationship management which manages the company’s interactions with the sales, clients and customers prospects. This involves the usage of technology to synchronize, automate and organize processes that help in customer service, its sales activities, its technical activities and sales. This system has helped the corporation to create a wide market range all over the world. Customer relationship Management best describes the business strategy of the strategy which includes customer interface departments incorporation with other departments. By using CRM, apple has been able to provide its customers with better services. This has enabled the company to maintain a good relationship with its customers. This has helped in discovering new products, increase on its customer revenues. This has also helped its employees to be able to gain the understanding of the customers and help in anticipating their purchases.

Management Information System is designed in such a way that it helps any given company to meet its tactical and strategic goals. Since organizations have many multiple functions, they employ the management information system to ensure its targets are met and its clientele are comfortable with their services. A good information system helps companies come up with good decisions by being able to deliver the necessary information and modelling results of the set decisions. When a company is well up-dated it’s well it’s able to make choices with confidence. A system in place can be able to calculate basic indicators like costs, profits and sales to help an organization o come up with the best decision. A management information system helps any company to have its records in place of its regulatory and financial purposes. This helps companies to be able to identify causes of problems and take the corrective action. These system stores operational data, communication records, revision and documents history. This records help an company to forecast and prepare the cost estimates. Management information systems do offer more recent and more complete information which allows the companies to operate and run more efficiently. Companies can use the information systems to get the cost advantage over its competitors and to differentiate itself by offering its customers better services.

As a number of corporations that carry out their businesses electronically, security information has become a major concern for the top managers. IT security is a matter of concern to many companies and has led to concerns over financial losses. Security breaches like unauthorized access, sabotage, website defacement, virus, stealing of proprietary information have had serious impacts on companies like incurring great maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Management information systems are vital in the running of any organization as it aids in ensuring that all mechanisms required for the company to get acquire its goal are put in place. They help the companies especially to get their target market. And in cases where this systems are not properly installed and used can lead to huge financial losses to the company.

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