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Smart Strategies for a Stress-Free Transition to Work After Vacation

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , December 06, 2017

The following are smart strategies that will help you transition back into work mode

Whether you spent your vacation time relaxing, exploring exciting new cities or in constant search of adventure, you’ve probably dedicated months of planning toward your much needed upcoming vacation. But going back to work after you’ve been away for a period of time may make you yearn for additional time off. The following are smart strategies that will help you transition back into work mode

Make a Projects List

Getting away from the hustle and daily grind of work is necessary as it’s a way for you to recharge your batteries. But traveling on vacation can also make you feel out of the loop at work when you return from a trip. Implementing two separate lists can help you put your job duties in perspective. The first list should include projects that you’re currently working on such as information on customer feedback, vendor responses and project deadlines. The second list should hold tasks that you plan to tackle upon your return to the office. Although your to-do list will most likely change depending on your emails, the two lists can serve as a launch on how to get back in the work groove after vacation.

Delegate Duties

With four major theme parks and fun filled exciting attractions for the family, you can build wonderful vacation memories scheduling your own Disney vacation packages. To ensure that you’re focused to enjoy the rides, shows and restaurants with your family, you may want to delegate office duties before you leave. Assign projects to the people who can handle the tasks. They should also have a clear idea of the work involved and deadlines. You can also fill your boss in on who is doing what while you’re away. In case the person you assign fails to comply, the higher authority will know who to contact.

Set Up Out-of-Office Messages

One of the biggest tasks that often gets overlooked when you’re on vacation is failing to alert your vendors and customers of your leave of absence. You can set up and outgoing email and voice mail messages that will alert people to the time that you’ll be away on vacation. You can also post your return date. If you’re checking messages during vacation, you can alert everyone that you’ll be checking in. If you’re going to enjoy your time off, leave the name of an alternate office contact who will be handling your business.

Ask for an Update

If you’re working on several large projects at the office, you may worry about their outcome while you’re away. An office assistant or manager can keep you in the loop. An assistant can also help you prioritize the events that transpired, so you’re not met with any surprises when you return.

Tie Up Loose Ends

There’s nothing more disconcerting than arriving to a sea of chaos at work when you return. If you know you’re traveling out of town for vacation, make sure you organize your work space before you leave. Although your brain may already be in vacation mode, tying up loose ends at the office will make it less stressful when you return.

Plan an Extra Day

Vacation time is precious, especially if you have a limited number of days off. Although you want to use every day that you’ve earned to travel the globe, an additional day between your return and arrival back at work can help reduce stress. This buffer day can be used for a number of activities such as running to the bank, catching up on laundry, shopping for groceries or taking a nap. If you have access to work emails and voice mail, you can also use this time to tend to business related duties.

Postpone Broadcasting Your Return

The moment you enter your workplace after vacation, you may be bombarded with questions and concerns. To get your bearings after a trip, you want to postpone broadcasting your return. Come in to the office early in the morning and catch up on emails before other coworkers come in. You can also close your office door until you’ve gained back your normal work rhythm.

Coming back from vacation and being thrown into your normal work routine can be quite shocking to your system. If you’ve spent the time away unwinding and recharging your batteries, you don’t want to come back at full throttle. The above strategies will help you ease into your work place at a steady and less hectic pace.

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