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6 Ways to Save Money on Travel Expenses

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , December 05, 2017

Regardless of how you fund your vacation, it is imperative to learn a few tips on how to save money on travel expenses. Here are six tips to help you achieve this goal.

Traveling is a fun and exciting thing to do during your free time. It would expose you to different environments and teach you new lessons that you would have never come across if you stayed back home. One of the main reasons why most people rarely take vacations despite knowing the many benefits that come with it is the expenses involved.

It is recommended to start saving for the trip or vacation at least six months before the big day to have enough cash in the bank to spend. There are also financial institutions that offer vacation loans to their clients, but the catch is that you need to have a good credit history to secure this kind of a loan.

Regardless of how you fund your vacation, it is imperative to learn a few tips on how to save money on travel expenses. Here are six tips to help you achieve this goal.

Be Flexible When Booking Flights

You do not have to stick to just one airline – a minor tweak to your plans could save you thousands of dollars especially if you are buying tickets for your entire crew or family members. Fly during weekdays instead of during the weekends. Also, taking a plane that stops along the way instead of one that flies direct to your destination can also save you a bundle. Check out Google Search and for information about the various airline companies that are currently offering discounts to travelers.

Consider Traveling Off Season

Well, summer is the best time to visit most of the renowned destinations such as Caribbean and parts of Europe. Unfortunately, thousands of other travelers will also be going on vacation to these destinations during this time of the year. As a result, flight tickets will be expensive and very few airlines offer discounts during this peak seasons.

Thankfully, you can go against the grind and travel off-season. The prices are relatively lower, restaurants and various attraction sites are not crowded. You will be able to interact with the local people free, and you will not have to struggle to capture photos of the sceneries.

Get a Travel-Related Credit Card

You can easily accrue thousands of miles per year without spending more money than you usually do if you take advantage of the sign-up bonuses offered alongside most airline credit cards. You can multiply the bonuses by adding more users to your card. Other non-branded cards such as Chase Ultimate Rewards offer points to subscribers. These points can then be transferred to your favorite airline.

Bid for Hotel Deals

You will not always have enough money to book accommodation in a luxurious hotel. You can get the best offers in the market by bidding for hotel deals. One of the best sites that you can use to place your bids is It will show you the average amount of money that other travelers paid in major cities. Use that information to bid a similar price, cross your fingers and hope that you bid wins. Note that this is not the only site that you can bid on; there are plenty of them online. You just need to find the right one and place as many bids as possible to increase your chances of getting the best deals.

Book Last-Minute

Well, you are away that flight tickets are highly priced when reserved at the last minute. Unknown to most people is that not all aspects of travel work this way. No cruise company wants to send out an empty ship into the Caribbean. Companies are always scrambling to fill empty spaces. Therefore, booking tours and cruises can lower your total cost by 25%. Conversely, booking the trip one year or more in advance can help you get a generous deal.

Dare to be Different

Have you ever wonder why the most famous tourist destinations are so expensive? The plausible reason is that everyone goes there. Think outside the box and look for alternatives to these popular and ever crowded destinations. For example, you can opt for Nicaragua instead of Costa Rica. There are also many European cities that are less expensive but as charming as Paris – Athens and Budapest is. You might get an entirely new experience in these less frequented locations without spending a fortune.

These 6 tips can help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your next vacation. Make sure that you plan well and carry all the things that you will need such as passport and visa in your backpack. For Australians heading overseas, don’t forget to get a basic travel insurance package to avoid additional expenses that could arise from unforeseen occurrences such as injuries when hiking or playing outdoors.

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