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Follow this guide then you can win more on online casinos

by herbertp343 (writer), , December 04, 2017

This page we will devote to helping you in the pursuit of the internet casino that suits you best.

Starting to play free online casino is a jungle of choice with different games and strategies, as well as lots of online casinos to choose from. But when you got to know the game market and found a game type that fits, it's easy and fun! Of course, it's easier to play at an online casino than at a "land based casino" and you can find guides to every casino game online, as well as trial games without real money which every online casino basically offers. This guide will help you maximize your winning chances when you play casino online.

Important beginner tips

Choose tax-free profits

Winnings from online casinos based in the EU are tax-free. Play in the best new slots games. Many casinos that cater to the European market are based in Malta or Latvia and are thus tax exempt.Select recommended casinos

It is wise to check the terms of the casino you want to play on - read the fine print simply. If it is difficult to find these terms, then it may be a sign that the casino might not be so serious.Unserious casinos often create problems when, for example, you want to withdraw your winnings or deposits.

Choose high payout percentage

Different casinos may have different payout rates ie how much of the total revenue the casino pays back in profits. Choose a casino with as much payout as possible.

Casino Bonus

Online casinos often use different types of bonuses to attract new and old customers. The principle is that you get a reward for putting in real money and playing for them.For example, be that you get extra money on your account, a number of free spins on any slot machine when you register or when you pick up your gambling again after a break.

Free Bonuses (without deposit)

Most common is that you need to deposit money, so-called deposit bonus, to get free spins and other bonuses. But sometimes they are offered without opposition, so-called. free bet or free bonuses (also known as no deposit bonus) which means you can win at the casino without deposit requirements.There are a lot of variants on casino bonuses where almost everybody assumes you have some kind of advantage of either signing up and / or depositing money at the casino.If you’re a beginner, MrBet Online Casino is one of the best places to play on.


It's important to check out the fine terms of your bonus as it may sound better than it actually is, for example. that you need to sell a potential profit several times before you can withdraw the money (turnover requirement). Some experienced players therefore choose not to use bonuses upon deposit.For new players, however, we recommend that you use casino bonuses both with and without sales or deposit requirements.

Best Casino bonus Right Now

See our list to compare the latest and best bonuses. We update the list daily.

Compare bonuses

Need a bonus code?

A casino bonus is almost always automatic and does not require any bonus code to go through. However, a few casinos still use bonus codes, and they need to enter it at registration or deposit to take advantage of a specific offer.In our reviews there are current bonus codes for the casinos that require it.


A straight translation of the term cashback becomes "money back". It's just so this offer on casinos online works.

The most common variant of cashback is the repayment of some of your losses. For example, assuming a 20% cashback offer, you get 20% back of your losses (if you lose, that is to say). The reverse variant, however, is also available, although it is more unusual.

With a reverse cashback, you will receive extra cash on your account if you win. For both types of cashbacks, trading requirements are usually applicable to the refund.

The majority of online casino offers are activated by making a deposit, possibly with a bonus code. However, for cashback offers, no extra deposit is required, of course, provided you already have money in the game account.

Freespins and Free Spins

What are free spins?

Freespins - also called free-rebound - is a bonus that you can use to "spin the wheel" for a featured slot machine. This is the most common and most popular bonus type for several reasons.

Click here to see current free spin offers

How do you get free spins?

When registering a new account, you often meet one or more welcome bonuses that offer a number of casino free spins at your first deposit. This bonus is usually part of several bonuses that together constitute your welcome bonus.

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