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One Who Got Away: Which Factors Boost Mobile Retargeting Sucess?

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 28, 2017

If you’re going to launch a re-engagement campaign, what’s important to prioritize for the best ad spend ROI?

Sometimes it seems like getting people to download your app is half the battle or more. But did you know that approximately one in four people abandon a mobile app after a single use? This suggests the primary challenge in paid user acquisition goes beyond simply enticing people to notice and download your app. Rather, it’s an ongoing challenge getting users to engage and convert over time.

In the past, mobile marketers tended to spend their money on acquiring hordes of new app users. But this can be an expensive way to use up an advertising budget in the hopes that a fraction of these new users will stick around. That’s why mobile retargeting has arisen as a solution to the app abandonment conundrum. It tends to be more economical because the users you’re targeting with your ads have already expressed interest in your offerings—they have the app, they just need a little nudge in the right direction to further re-engage.

Most of us have downloaded an app with the best of intentions, only to get sidetracked minutes, hours or days later. After a few uses, we essentially forget about the app as it sits patiently on ‘the shelf,’ which in this case is the home screen of your mobile device. Needless to say, an unopened app is not pulling in revenue. But it does have great potential.

The ultimate goal of any mobile retargeting campaign is to drive post-install conversions. In plainer terms, as VentureBeat writes,“The goal is to get people who have already downloaded their app to come back and use it regularly.”

But there’s still the matter of which factors boost mobile retargeting success. If you’re going to launch a re-engagement campaign, what’s important to prioritize for the best ad spend ROI?

Look and Feel of Mobile Retargeting Ads

Better ads produce better results. In this case, better tends to mean personalized. Instead of serving users a generic ad and hoping it resonates with them, try dynamic retargeting. This method assembles ads programmatically, or automatically, in real time based on the demographics and habits of the audience segment you’re aiming to target.

What determines the final look and feel of the ad is really who the user is—their mobile usage behavior, personal characteristics and operating system. Personalization tends to boost conversion rates because users see their preferences reflected in the ads and it reminds them the value your app can provide to people just like them.

Ability to Engage Users Based on Where They Left the Funnel

Let’s say you run a shopping app and have a goal of boosting in-app purchases. You’re going to see very different results if you run a mobile ad campaign generally advertising your shopping app versus a campaign that shows users the last product they viewed before exiting your app. Deep linking allows marketers to bring users to specific points in the funnel so they don’t have to start all over.

Think of app usage like a funnel. Users move from broad actions (like finding out about your app and downloading it) to more specific actions (like purchasing items through your app). If your ads reflect the last step users took before abandoning your app, they’re more likely to pick it back up and complete that desired action. Specificity is a smart tactic when it comes to retargeting.

Intention of the Advertisement

Different ads have different end goals, depending on the nature of your app and the in-app events you’ve defined as valuable for your brand. Sometimes all a user needs to re-engage with a gaming app is a reminder it exists. Perhaps your ads serve to inform users about exciting new features, or maybe they are trying to elicit a specific action (like booking a plane ticket). The outcome depends on the intent and design of the ad.

Instead of lamenting the ones who got away from your app, try re-engaging them with mobile retargeting campaigns. Just remember: the look, feel, intent and personalization of your ads all matter, so make sure you’re engaging in dynamic retargeting for the best bang for your buck.

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