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7 Types of beautiful sofa sets to decorate your sweet home

by Ashok Kumar (writer), Jaipur, November 28, 2017

Choosing a wrong style sofa set will make your interior of the house look ugly, and will also give you an uncomfortable place to relax.

When it comes to decorating the house with best furniture units, it is advised that start with the most expensive and largest piece, which is usually the sofa set. They are the units which act as a focal point in the space and usually the seating area most often used. Sofa sets are the units which come online in variety of sizes, styles and materials and provides space for two or more persons. So before planning to buy sofa online, take a look at different types of sofas. This will surely make your purchase easier and will also give your home what it is built for.

  1. Sectional Sofa Sets: They are the most popular sofa set available online. Sectional sofas are the units which can easily turn a simple living room into a stylish online. They are the multi-piece units with a common number of 3 or 5 pieces and can be arranged in numerous ways. The most popular arrangements include L-shape and U-shape arrangement. Any style of sectional sofas online comes with fixtures which connect the pieces to keep them together and are easy to move.
  2. Convertible Sofas: Convertible sofa sets are the multi-purpose furniture units which can be easily converted into an extra bed when needed. They are the units which can be placed in the living room or guest room and proves best for homes that have small floor space. Basically, these type of sofa sets online comes with inflatable mattress but if you want extra comfort then place the padded mattress on the top of the provided mattress.
  3. Wooden Sofa Sets: These kind of sofa sets are common and usually found in homes that have traditional decor. Wooden Sofa sets are the units which provide a formal look to space. They have the carvings and designs which vary according to the sofa. When you look for Wooden sofa sets online, you will find that they come with the varieties of polishes like honey, teak, walnut and much more and can be customized according to your needs and interior.
  4. Divan Sofa Sets: Divans are also known as backless sofa. They are usually placed against the walls with pillows and works well in every style interior. A version of this couch online comes with one side angled to recline and is called a fainting couch. Nowadays, divans come in a variety of styles like poster divans, divans with storage etc.
  5. Fabric Sofa Sets: As the name suggests, fabric sofa sets are the most durable, comfortable and attractive furniture piece for the living room. They are made up of different kind of fabrics like velvet, cotton, etc. and come in an either 2 seater or 3 seater sofa. The fabric measures for this type of sofa sets depend upon the shape and size of the sofa thus they are perfect for those who want a sofa according to their room paint and interior.
  6. Chesterfield Sofa Set: Chesterfield sofa sets are known for their quilted or tufted look. They have tightly tufted rolled back arms and are of the same height as the back. Some sofas of this type also include a design on the seating section thus making it a popular sofa set to create a style statement of the current trend.
  7. Love seat Sofa Sets: Love seat is collectively term given to all kind of sofa sets that are used by 2 persons. This 2 seater sofa set comes in various designs and styles such as cabriole, camel, etc. and are mostly preferred to put in a bedroom or on the side of a window to enjoy the loving atmosphere.

Sofa sets for the living room or bedroom are like the crown of the house.They are the most comfortable and customization furniture pieces to decorate the house. They are the units which provide the home with a charming and welcoming look. Different types of sofas create a different environment in the house. So choose the units which reflect your style and taste.

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