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11 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Pittsburgh

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 26, 2017

But, before you pack your bags, you need to be prepared for the new world you are entering.

Pittsburgh is having a moment. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, you are headed to this city at the right time. Between the low cost of living, the safety statistics, and the fun atmosphere, Pittsburgh is the perfect place to call home. But, before you pack your bags, you need to be prepared for the new world you are entering.

1. You will need a car.

Sure, Pittsburgh has public transportation that includes streetcars and a bus system. But, it is more known for its overcrowded routes than its efficiency. Plus, no one wants to be waiting for a bus in the freezing Pennsylvania winters.

2. The cost of living is low.

One of the reasons you may be moving to Pittsburgh is because the cost of living is lower as compared to other big cities like New Orleans or Cleveland. But, fine dining and high-quality goods still exist in the city.

3. There are bridges everywhere.

Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Bridges” for good reason. According to Pittsburgh Action News 4, “All together, a total of 446 bridges are in the city of Pittsburgh, officially the city with the most bridges in the world, three more than former world leader Venice, Italy.”

4. Beer is the drink of choice.

Get ready to drink your fair share of beer. Pittsburgh is a drinking town with over thirty breweries in the town itself. A night out will always involve a beer – and preferable a local one.

5. The locals speak their own language.

Every region has its own dialect, and Pittsburgh is no different. The locals speak what is known as Pittsburghese. When you first arrive to town, you may not know what “yinz” means, but you will quickly recognize that the people of Pittsburgh speak their own language. Fortunately, you can visit for all the translations you need.

6. Winters are brutal.

I’m sure you already know winters in Pittsburgh are cold and snowy. But, you need to be much more prepared than thinking you’ll just experience some pretty snowflakes. Pittsburgh winters are brutal. The average temperature in January is only 29 degrees. Make the wise decision to go ahead and have a winter survival kit packed and stored in your vehicle.

7. You need to get a hobby.

Cold winters mean you may be stuck indoors for hours (or even days) at end. How do the people of Pittsburgh make it? They all have hobbies. You need to find one as soon as possible.

8. Sports are life.

If you are not a sports fan, that is going to change as soon as you land in Pittsburgh. This is because sports = life to those living in Pittsburgh. It doesn’t matter if you are cheering on the Steelers, the Pirates, or the Penguins as long as you are cheering on the home team.

9. You will get lost.

Pittsburgh’s roads are unlike any other roads you have traveled. With bridges, tunnels, steep hills, multiple exit lanes, and one-way streets, driving in Pittsburgh is downright confusing. And, even worse, Pittsburgh drivers are rated the worst drivers in the US.

10. Embrace indoor old-fashioned fun.

Due to the brutal winters, Pittsburgh locals have learned how to embrace indoor old-fashioned fun. You will learn to love bowling and karaoke nights.

11. Each neighborhood is unique.

Pittsburgh is made up of several neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. With over 90 different neighborhoods, you want to take your time to find the one that feels most like home to you.

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