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How Your Anxiety May Contribute to Your Waistline

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 26, 2017

In this article we shall look at this mental health threats.

One of the main and most common reasons of weight gain is an emotional binge. When we are stressed up, we tend to eat more than our normal diet. More inclination is towards oily food and sweets, as we believe that they will relieve anxiety we are feeling. This starts as a defense mechanism and develops into a habit leading into weight gain.Studies have proven that there is a definite connection between weight gain and mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, cyberbullyiing, depression and internet scams. In this article we shall look at this mental health threats.

1.Anxiety, and Obesity

Advancements in science and technology today have totally modernized how people live their lives. The improvements of the 21st century medical care science have prolonged the rate of longevity and even wiped out several incurable diseases.

These modern wonders have fallen short on eliminating problematic issues that are affecting people mental health: Anxiety. Regardless of the dietary supplements that you use, or the physical exercise program that you try... No one can gain immunity out of life worries.


Emotional stress is the leading cause of obesity today. What comes to your mind whenever you attempt to tackle a deadline? It's Food. What comes to your mind whenever you become stressed? It's Food. What comes to your mind whenever you feel over-worked? It's Food. You start to crave for food to calm your senses down and divert your mind away from your troubles. You possibly can even hear it calling in your mind "Come over to me and taste me! "How tasty am I today?" Your thoughts are now filled up with the images of donuts, candies and cookies.

Eating is mostly used to ease a troubled soul. People that are stressed are much more at risk of giving in to food craving. Research has shown that an average healthy individual carries around seven pounds of toxins. Therefore, it is not difficult to think about the amount of toxin an obese individual carries around. Other scientific studies showed that ten percent of those who are obese actually started over-eating as a way to relieve themselves from anxieties. The enjoyment of eating turned out to become an effective way to block off every negative feeling.

3.Internet Scam

Have you ever been scammed on the internet? If yes, then I guess you might have taken precautions but if no, I bet it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to experience. There are many ways people get scammed on the internet and could from Instant Messaging Attacks, Malicious Code Dissemination, fake emails, Phishing etc. Internet scam can lead to mental health problems especially when you lose vital information to hackers or lose huge amount of money from scam programs and phishing websites. This leads to emotional breakdown and depression.

Rule of thumb: Don't click links on emails. If you believe the email is real, go direct to the source without using the link.Surfing the net with a VPN is also recommended.

Weight loss from mental health is specific to the individual and their diagnosis.Changes in weight that is parallel to a period of depression and stress may not be the as a result of an additional eating disorder. Less severe changes in weight that reflect a decrease in appetite can often be reversed with medication, behavioral therapy and an increase in activity. Increased activity and positive reinforcement often come with the added benefit of restful sleep. The combination of these positive drivers results in an overall improvement in their well-being.

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