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4 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For The Winter

by lenardjohnson (writer), , November 21, 2017

Toronto winter comes with its own set of challenges – when temperatures drop below the freezing point, your plumbing system takes a hit.

The low temperatures can freeze your entire plumbing system, and the added usage of the drains due to visitors or holiday meals cooked can cause clogs, which can be costly is left untreated. You can overcome these challenges, however, by preparing your plumbing system so that it can withstand winter challenges. Here are a few things you should have checked before winter does a number on your home.

Interior and exterior waterproofing

Waterproofing your plumbing system before winter (or during – it’s never too late!) helps you avoid water spillage, which can be caused by frozen pipes that have fractured. Interior and exterior waterproofing ensures that the pipes are able to withstand low temperatures, preventing water from freezing inside in the pipes. The alternative isn’t pretty: with frozen water inside your pipes, you’re going to have a dry tap during the winter, when you’re most in need of a hot shower! If you notice something a little off about the way your water is running after a cold spell, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone; it’s important to know when to call a professional plumber to get you out of a bind, before the problem worsens.

Drain backup and cleaning

Cleaning and drainage backup for your plumbing system is also essential during the winter months. Your drainage system may freeze up a bit during winter making it hard for it to continue to drain. Your drainage should be cleaned up or emptied before winter to make sure there is enough space for more drainage waste, especially with the amount that most families cook over the winter. Contacting a professional plumber will help you clean up your drainage system so that it can withstand the winter season.

Flood protection

Flooding is very common during winter, when water is abundant and liable to find its way into parts of your house that you’d rather not see it, causing damage to walls and floors. Frozen pipes inside your house can also cause flooding in your bathroom, kitchen and in the rooftop tanks. Having a plumber make sure you’re flood-protected by installing valves and proper insulation against low temperatures will enhance your system during winter seasons.

Faucet repair

Your faucets require proper maintenance and repair before winter checks in, because, after all, these are the most used parts of your plumbing system on a daily basis. Freezing water in the pipes can break your faucets, which can lead to flooding and contamination. You should consult a plumber to fix faulty faucets and replace worn-out units to withstand winter temperatures. During winter, water tends to freeze at the endpoints of your plumbing system, so Toronto homeowners would be wise to have their faucets insulated, able to withstand the low temperatures.

Winter in Toronto isn’t perhaps everyone’s favourite time of year, and that’s OK. As long your home and family are safe and comfortable, all is good! Before the worst of the weather hits, contact a professional plumber to make sure your house in winter-ready.

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