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Radiant Roof Barriers: Are They Rotting Your Roof?

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 16, 2017

Following are some key effects that a roof bears being installed with radiant barriers:

Radiant roof barriers are a thin layering of reflecting material which does not let the sunrays get absorbed through them and instead it reflects them back to make sure it does not enter your roof and make the internal home environment hotter. If appropriately mounted in the roof with good air exchange conditions, then radiant lining does not make you face any difficulties with dampness. However, if the radiant barriers were not appropriately fit over present insulation on the garret floor, instead of directly onto the roof trusses or roof decking, you might have a problem. The blend of poor installation and poor attic ventilation can lead to moisture build up and rotting roofs.

Rotting roofs damage roof as well as they are not safe for the people living in the house, as the roof can fall apart any time in worst conditions and can even be proved life taking. Following are some key effects that a roof bears being installed with radiant barriers:

Decreases durability:

The radiant roof barriers decrease the durability of roofing by letting the dampness and humidity of roof slowly weaken it and make it porous. The porous roof can easily be broken by applying minor effort or even it can fall apart without applying any manual effort. This can be life taking. If not reaches the worst condition, it may make you roof repair Dearborn MI or reinstall roofing soon which is a costly solution.

Dampness causes the roof paint unable to stay:

Dampness and humidity caused by the radiant roof barriers causes the roof pint to get discolored and it would affect the interior look of your home. Moreover, it can cause the paint to change its color which would also be unsatisfying to watch. This makes you bear the roof repair expenses as well as painting expenses.

It gives the home a rough look:

When the color of paint would be uneven and spotty throughout the roof, it would definitely look rough. Roofs are known to be the most important investment by home owners and if the roofs cause the home owners such a trouble, it would be unmanageable to repair roofs and repaint them from time to time.

Humidity can cause foul smell:

Humidity in roofs can cause foul smell all over the house which is difficult to be escaped using room freshers. Such foul smell can have a bad impact on your visitors and guests. When dampness stays for a long time, it causes algae and fungus to know with the roof lining which are the reason for the discolored roof and foul smell coming from roofs.

It can cause life damage as well as money loss:

If the humidity stays for long, it can change the concrete to powder even. In the case of roof the process would be much faster and in the span of months, it would change the roof to porous which could fall apart anytime. It could be deadly for human life as well as the expenses that are later to be born can cause economic downfall and financial instability. Roofing is not a costless thing thus it costs much and even its repairing is costly.

Roofing is important but the radiant roof barriers can cause you more damage than it could benefit you. It is highly suggested to avoid such layering over your walls and roofs because it can make your home loss its durability besides life taking dangers. If your roof is damaged and replacing it is beyond your expertise then you really need to contact reliable roofing contractors for roof replacement Dearborn MI.

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