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How to choose best cdn provider for WordPress?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 13, 2017

When choosing a service provider for your WordPress account, you need to look at the following points-

As people are moving towards the use of the internet for all kinds of work, there is an increase in the number of online shopping portals and social networking sites. With many websites coming up regularly, the competition is increasing. The popularity of one place over other depends on many different factors. The performance and the user experience that a website provides is one of the critical aspects. Use of CDN or the content delivery network has become very popular in the last few years.

The use of traditional methods for loading data on the website pages came with plenty of troubles. Customers with limited internet data or slow speed connections suffered the most. The use of CDN has helped many website owners to improve the experience of the end users.

As the demand for content delivery networks is increasing, many service providers are coming up in the field. Each of such service provider claims to be the best. However, only limited few can deliver the expected services. A large number of websites today run on WordPress, not just because it is easy to use but also it is easy to connect a CDN to it.

When choosing a service provider for your WordPress account, you need to look at the following points-

  • Speed of data upload and download
  • The primary reason why people use CDN on their website is that it improves the speed of the site. Compare the CDN speed and one that best enhances the performance of the site.

  • Security
  • Every content delivery network needs to be secure, primarily when it is linked to personal or financial data of the user. Most of the content delivery networks are safe, yet because of the increase in the number of theft cases, it is even more important to make use of the best measures.

  • Maintenance and support
  • With the 24X7 use of a site and multiple users logging in on the website, it is essential to get CDN from a service provider that provides excellent customer support and is available as soon as a query is raised by the owner or the end user.

  • Choose according to your requirements
  • Each CDN comes with its own set of benefits. Your choice of CDN needs to depend on the kind of features you need. Some CDN focus more on security as compared to others that focus more on quality and speed.

  • Cost charged
  • The CDNs from different services providers come at a different price. Comparing prices well could prove to be extremely beneficial.

    Few more points to consider

    Some of the companies have been in the market for a long time however when it comes to CDN services; there are plenty of fake businesses and sites available on the internet. You need to choose wisely hence when looking for the best cdn providers for wordpress. Make sure that you read reviews and feedback provided by the past users before you decide to choose any service provider.

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