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Hostinger Service Review A personal take!

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 09, 2017

Let’s find out with this review which is based on months of personal experience with the company.

Choosing a hosting company has more implications than meets the eye. You’re doing more than just reserving a spot on a server. You’re also dictating the terms of how Google treats your website in terms of SEO as well as just how effortless and uninterrupted browsing session your customers are going to enjoy.

Therefore, it goes without saying just how imperative it is to conduct due diligence and give a lot of thought the decision of choosing a host.

Speaking of hosting service, Hostinger happens to be a rising star in the industry, or so they say!

But, is all that really true? Does this company really stand true to its reputation?

Let’s find out with this review which is based on months of personal experience with the company.

  1. Affordability factor

The very first consideration is just how affordable hosting services are, and for good reason! But, you would obviously not want to compromise on the quality just to save a few bucks. Speaking of which, Hostinger happens to be one of the most affordable providers of hosting services in the industry.

The basic plan starts as low as $2.15 per month which is more than what anyone can bargain for. If you only have just one website to host, this is more than ideal plan to go with.

Moving on, let’s talk about premium web hosting which is competitively priced at $3.49 per month. The ‘Plus’ plan by Bluehost is priced at $5.95 per month which is ‘premium plan’ equivalent by Hostinger. By comparison, it’s clear that Hostinger is a clear winner. The list of features is more or less same but the difference in pricing is huge.

Another great thing about Hostinger is that it’s meant for people with all types of budgets. Whether you’re a blogger, a local business owner, or a mid to large-sized enterprise, you’ll find a plan ideal as per for your needs.

Affordability is one front where Hostinger scores a ten on ten.


Of course, safety and security of your website data is something to never put on backburner. After all, you are trusting someone with your sensitive data; the breach of which could lead to disastrous results.

Talking about the security factor, it’s a good thing Hostinger has deployed stringent safety protocols.

Users get SSL certification across all the plans except for the basic one which is not at all a bad deal if you think about.

What’s more to safeguard the user data, company undertakes automated free backups. There’s anti-malware protection and anti-DDoS protection.

Hostinger seems to have done a good job on the security front.

I personally used it for over a year, and during that time I never experience safety and data security related threats.

Ease of use

If you happen to be a developer yourself or someone extremely tech-savvy then it’s an entirely different story. However, for people who have a hard time navigating the complicated channels or anything too technical, ease of use is a major thing to factor in.

Having personally used Hostinger for quite a while, I can say that everything from signing up with the company to accessing the accounts to using the control panel is fairly simple.

Even the website builder tool has been designed in a way that everything seems highly intuitive. Instead of struggling with countless features all jumbled into one place, everything has been kept neat and clean with all the features at just the right place.

WordPress Optimization

Millions of websites are created in WordPress and countless more are being created as we speak. With that said, it’s good to know that Hostinger carries a host of interesting optimization features for WordPress based websites.

No matter which plan by Hostinger you subscribe to, they all support PHP and SQL. So, if you own a website in WordPress, Hostinger is a good option to resort to.

There are literally thousands of WordPress optimization options. Additionally, you get custom caching plug-in so that takes care of the optimization without any user involvement.

Issues with downtime

A common complaint among website owners is the downtime they often have to face due to maintenance purpose or some other reason. So, if you’re big on this aspect, youc an rest assure that downtime is something you won’t’ have to deal with.

I observed Hostinger uptime for a full one month and to my surprise there was not a single instance where the site went down. Although company claims an uptime of 99%, I would say it turned out 100% in my case which is really astonishing.

Final take

Hostinger scores pretty well on most fronts. The only shortcoming to their service is the lack of virtual web hosting.

So, unless you’re totally bent on going with virtual hosting services, Hostinger will not disappoint you.

IMO, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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