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Get Best File Saving and Sharing Service with Cloud Storage

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 08, 2017

Today we will learn about top 3 cloud storage products and their features.

Cloud storage is the easy and convenient way of storing and sharing your files, like word documents, excel sheets, ppt, photos, videos and more. Cloud storage allows you to access your files and Data anytime and anywhere.

There are many products based on cloud storage that offer you the convenience of sharing and storing file. Today we will learn about top 3 cloud storage products and their features.

  1. IDrive: The cloud storage facility through IDrive is great in every respect. It offers 5GB free storage capacity, with unlimited file size. Data storage above 5GB can be purchased from IDrive easily. The IDrive is ideal for storing backup data and is compatible with all platforms like Android, iOS and windows. Within IDrive there are two types of backup carbonite and Backblaze for cloud storage.
  2. Microsoft OneDrive: The global giant Microsoft has its own cloud storage called the Microsoft Onedrive. It too offers free 5GB storage to all users and the best part that it provides online editing facility. Apart from this the cloud storage has apps for all platforms.
  3. Google Drive: Powered by Google, this cloud storage provides you 5 TB file size and 15GB free storage facility. The google drive has its cloud app for every platform even for Apple users as well. It provided the facility to edit your files online, which is great about it.

I personally prefer using Google Drive even though am a Apple user. At times I need to share file with friends having Android devices or have to access my files using Android device, using Google Drive storage saves me here.

Now you know which cloud storage is better, so let me tell why you should use cloud storage.

Cloud storage is the form of remote storage facility based on servers. Understand the use same as you see the benefits of live streaming of movies. It’s almost the same concept. Using cloud storage makes your work more productive and convenient. You don’t have to carry extra hard drives to store your data any more. Ease of access to data from anywhere.

How helpful is cloud storage can be determined by the following:

  1. Ability to view and edit file like word doc, pdf, excel, photos, videos is made naturally easy. Especially if you are in a business where you constantly require using data even while traveling and need to access your files from anywhere, cloud storage is best resort.
  2. Specially categorised cloud storage services like SugarSync and Dropbox allow you to access a sync folder from anywhere.
  3. Cloud storage offers some great real time editing and sharing apart from keeping an updated backup of all your cloud files.

Well, now you know why you should be keeping your files in Cloud storage. But do you know there are some free cloud storage facility and other paid? Although you will see that some major cloud storage provider offer you limited free space and then you need to buy extra space as per your requirements. Those storage’s that offer free storage and sharing have a low security of data while the paid versions offer you higher and much reliable security of Data.

Always take into account a good and realised cloud storage for sharing and storing your data and keep it protected.

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