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Talk About Your Come From Behind...

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 28, 2008

We’re closing in on the ability to utter those famous words from Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights, “A black sheriff?”

Despite all of the efforts of the Clinton presidential campaign, it seems that the people are tired of being told for whom who they plan to vote. Heading into yesterday’s South Carolina Democratic primary, former president and current presidential candidate Bill and Hillary Clinton proceeded to tell the nation how South Carolina would vote primarily for Her Majesty because of some racial thing. As it turned out, South Carolina Democrats had their own message to Hillary Clinton and it goes something like this: “shut up woman!”

Again, to prove a point of how Hillary isn’t the right person for the job, it is customary for the losing candidates to hold final rallies to face their supporters and to publicly concede the race. No such effort came from the Clinton camp. In fact, according to Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty, Clinton’s campaign plane (WHAT?!?) left South Carolina shortly after the polls closed and headed for Tennessee. (Waitaminute! Side bar here: what the hell is Hillary Clinton doing flying all over the country in a private jet? HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! HYPOCRITE! And yet this bitch wants me to drive around in a Toyota Prius? I don’t F-ing think so!). Now back to our regularly scheduled article.

Several pollsters, especially McClatchy/MSNBC had all marked Obama for political death in South Carolina saying that he could expect no more than about 10% of the white population in that state for vote for him. Again, it seems that racism isn’t the big factor in this race as some people would want us to believe, right Hillary? Again we here at BrooWaHa pose the question: what exactly makes Hillary Clinton “uniquely qualified” to be president? I guess, and this is just me speaking now, she thinks she’s qualified to be president because she’s white. Ouch. Am I the only one who sees a pattern here? Every time Hillary loses she cries. Every time she wins she’s everybody’s favorite. Every time she campaigns in a southern state, she’s a racist. Sounds like a pretty fair assessment to me. Let’s get something straight here: America is not a racist country. Racism is not as prevalent as a hand full of stupid idiots would have us believe. Is there racism here? Sure. It’s human nature to be racist, but this idea being perpetuated by the Clinton camp that all white voters in the Old South will vote only for a white candidate for president is about as stupid as Hillary’s health care plan. So far it seems that Hillary has misjudged the people of America. In fact, I would submit that racism in the Old South is probably a lot more diminished than elsewhere in America just because it had to work so hard to overcome it in the first place. And what better way to overcome it than to rally behind Barack Obama when Queen Racist herself is perpetuating a stereotype of southern whites being racist? (Remember: Arkansas was a Confederate State).

While I don’t normally wax philosophical on Martin Luther King, Jr., I believe that he would certainly support Barack Obama but not because Obama is black. I would rather like to believe that King would have supported Obama because Obama has taken the high road in this campaign in terms of not playing the race card. Go back and look at Obama’s speeches. Never once have we heard him say, “I deserve to be president because I’m black and it is time for a black man to be president.” King would be looking at Obama’s character. He might be proud that America is finally coming to terms with the idea of a black man as president, but I doubt highly that King would say, “It’s about time!”

Obama believes, bless his heart, that he is qualified to be president because he believes he can fix whatever is broken in Washington. Frankly, I don’t think he’s about to fix anything in Washington. I think he’s going to be a typical tax-and-spend Democrat who will weaken our national military, cut, run and surrender in Iraq and do everything he can to hand Israel over to the Muslims as well as give Iraq to Iran in the hopes that Mahmoud “Adolf” Ahmadinejad will accept that land in exchange for not attacking America any more. Furthermore, I think Obama and the other liberals in Congress are going to bankrupt America with their universal health care plan and ultimately lead America into communism with wealth redistribution. Nevermind the whole “New World Order” crap that’s coming out of many ultra left-wing crackpots.

Of the three Democrats running for president, I think Edwards is more qualified. Obama gives the appearance of a trustworthy kind of person, but looks can be deceiving. Clinton has no business being allowed within 5,000 miles of the city limits of Washington, D.C. If I had to endorse a Democrat for president it would be John Edwards. Obama is an impressive looking candidate, but my gut tells me something gravely different about Obama and as I have pointed out it has nothing to do with race. So in the spirit of The Democrat Times of New York (humble bows to “the Great Elderski”- Larry Elder), I throw my support behind one candidate from each side (so, just like the editorial staff of that fair and balanced –to the left – publication, I can be on the winning side). For Democrat, I endorse John Edwards. For Republican, I endorse Mike Huckabee. Please remember, these are MY opinions and they do not reflect the opinions of any of the writers or anyone else on the editorial staff of BrooWaHa, so if you don’t like my endorsements, you are welcome to publish your own, but please don’t get mad at Arial.

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