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Top 3 Weight Loss Pills That Really Work

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , November 08, 2017

Most of the weight loss pills work on three factors, controlling appetite, improving metabolism and burning fat faster.

Weight is the most talked topic around the world for decades. Being overweight is a big issue, for some, it’s embarrassing and other are being bullied. But weight loss needs to be fought.

Overweight brings with it several health issue like increased blood pressure. Blood sugar, Blood urea and cardiac arrest and mental illness like depression if not taken into account and worked upon.

There are many people who have reached to that extent of weight gain that they feel embarrassed moving out of their house and hitting a gym.

For such people, weight loss pills are the best resort. Weight loss pills are also good for people who want to shed those extra kilos without regular and heavy exercising.

Before I tell you about the best weight loss pills in the market, you must understand how these pills work. And this is important to know for better and effective results.

Most of the weight loss pills work on three factors, controlling appetite, improving metabolism and burning fat faster.

There are pills that have either one or two of these features, but only a few with all three. And when these three feature work together results are admirable. Weight loss pills are considered effective and advised in certain cases, in general people purchase it for some easy weight reduction without putting much effort, which I suppose is not good.

So without further ado here’s is the list of top 3 weight loss pills:

  • Phen375 : The Phen375 is an effective alternative to phentermine sans its side effects. It is easily available OTC fat burner that helps you reduce your weight. Its consumption is safe and effective, but not advised for minors. The pill regulates your hunger pranks to control your diet and helps the body to burn fat twice as fast.
  • PhenQ: Now, this one here is a three in one super effective fat burner, at least that’s what the manufacturer says. Well, this pill works three ways, like burning excess fat, controlling appetite and increasing BMR to help reduce weight faster and better. These pills require no prescription and can be taken safely. Although this pill works best for people whose weight is associated with eating disorders.
  • Phentermine: It's a scheduled drug that is sold only under prescription, yet it's effective in reducing body weight. I suppose it’s one of the oldest weight loss pill in the market and definitely popular because of its results. But, caution, this pill has side effects and can cause health drawbacks. Under no circumstances should this be taken without the advice of a professional practitioner? It’s a very powerful chemical that almost shuts down a person's desire to eat. It is prescribed only under certain circumstances like excessive obesity due to overeating.

Well, losing weight through pills might seem an easy option, but not really enough to give you good health with good body.

I would personally advise taking the pill only if you have weight conditions that prevent you from working out in the gym or taking up yoga or exercise. Otherwise self-created efforts to control diet, manage your calorie requirements and exercise is the best resort to lose weight.

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