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Five Problems You Can Face as a Mac User

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 01, 2017

However, the most common issues that a Mac user can face are as follows and here we have also included the ways in which you could fix the issues.

Mac users swear by the quality that it provides, the confidence that it gives its users is top notch. Macs come with the best of everything, hardware components, stable operating system, latest processors, and graphics from Intel, advanced and up to date technology and reliability.

Macs are loaded with all good things and the users feel good while using it too. Despite all the good and best added in it, Macs are not free of troubles and issues. Issues such as slow processing, minor to complete system failure, speed issues and such are very much a part of the Mac’s life. Add into that Apple’s highly secured and closed ecosystem and cryptic messaging, the problem looks bigger than it actually is.

The best thing about Mac is that it does not require you to spend hours upon hours on it troubleshooting the issues or dealing with driver updates. However, the most common issues that a Mac user can face are as follows and here we have also included the ways in which you could fix the issues.

1. You find your Mac is slow

With regards to the speed, Mac is no different than Windows. Macs also tend to slow down and the reason can be many, ranging from clutter of operating system files, broken application installations, broken file permissions to faulty and dirty hardware.

Here’s how you could fix the problem if your Mac is slow.

  • Clean up the Mac

Deleting old files that are useless and no longer in use and freeing up space that can be utilized for more legitimate purposes will help in speeding up your Mac.

  • Find the culprit

Using the features of Mac, you could find the culprit that is slowing down your Mac and you can eliminate the reason behind it. To do so, go to the Activity Monitor, which you will find in Applications>Utilities. Here, you will be able to see all the processes that are running at one given point of time and also, stop the processes that are no longer required.

  • Upgrade the RAM

Another option to increase the speed of your Mac is to upgrade the RAM as the existing one might be insufficient for your use.

2. You are facing issues with charging

Although Macs have a tremendous battery life, you might face situations where the Mac refuses to charge up or doesn’t charge to full. The reason might be simple and the solution ranging from simple to expensive.

Here we have listed down the basic solutions for the charging issues that you might face.

  • Reset the System Management controller that is responsible for the working of battery, keyboard, display and other buttons of your Mac.
  • Try using another charger.
  • Try using another power port.

3. You find your Mac isn’t switching on

Imagine you press the power button on your Mac and it doesn’t fire up immediately; it can be one of the heart stopping moments for you. You come up with a blank screen or a grey screen with a prohibitory sign, don’t lose hope yet. There might be a simple solution for this problem.

The reason behind the issue can be one of these

  • In most cases, it is the new piece of hardware that is not plugged in properly is the culprit and the issue can be solved by unplugging the peripherals.
  • The issue might be with your screen, in case you hear the ding of the starting process yet the screen is blank. It is time to give the service centre a visit.
  • Sometimes, it’s the issues with the motherboard or the hard disks that might be causing the issue. Again, it is time to give the service agents at the centre a visit.

4. You find your Mac won’t start

There is a difference between Mac not starting up and Mac no turning on. While the Mac turns on, the screen will turn blue or grey and there will be a whirring sound in the background and nothing will appear on the screen. It can be really disheartening and frustrating when the Mac doesn’t start up.

Here’s how you can fix the issue. Simply reset the System Management controller or the SMC.

5. You find your Mac flashing a question mark

Upon switching on your Mac, you find a folder with a question mark right in the middle is a signal of dead and failed disks. Don’t panic. You can fix the issue by putting your Mac in the recovery mode and choosing the correct start up disk for it to start it up with.

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