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Serve The Trendiest Dishes At Your Toronto Wedding

by michaelsanduso (writer), , November 01, 2017

There are a lot of wedding food trends that come and go — buffet tables, sauce fountains and novelty cakes are all trends that have gained and lost popularity over the years.

It’s important to be in the know about the newest and hottest fads, so that your wedding doesn’t end up looking dated. This quick guide to the most recent food trends will help you plan the menu for your Toronto wedding reception.

Toronto Catering

If you are planning to serve food at your reception, you will need to see what top wedding caterers are doing by checking out wedding blogs, magazines and articles. Browse social media to see what appetizers, entrees and desserts keep popping up in photos and status updates. If you are going to any catered events or weddings in the near future, make note of the food served and what dishes the guests enjoyed.

If your reception will take place in Toronto, look for an innovative catering company that has met the high expectations of the wedding industry for years — a reliable company like The Food Dudes is guaranteed to provide memorable dishes and excellent service. The best thing about The Food Dudes is that they are at the helm of all the latest wedding crazes and trends — they deliver fusions of fast food and fine dining, gourmet childhood favourites and customized desserts.

Fancy Fast Food

Chefs are finding ways to subvert expectations of haute cuisine — one of the most popular ways they are subverting expectations is by combining fast food favourites with fine dining. The dishes are made with premium ingredients by highly-trained professionals, so that you won’t feel that guilty about eating your guilty pleasures. You can have comfort food like tacos, French fries and ramen at your wedding without having to worry about the quality.

Childhood Favourites

A lot of the biggest wedding food trends are childhood favourites, so top caterers are looking to the past for culinary inspiration. If you want to think of treasured memories at the amusement park or local fair, caterers can set up a funnel cake station. If you want to reminisce about hot summers chasing an ice cream truck down the street, you can serve ice cream cookie sandwiches. Embrace those nostalgic feelings, so that your wedding can serve the tastiest treats that touch on your fondest memories.

DIY Desserts

One catering option that combines a childhood favourite with the wedding food trend of DIY desserts is a Make Your Own S’mores station. Guests can customize their own confections by choosing what homemade marshmallows and gourmet toppings to sandwich between their graham crackers.

Find an experienced Toronto catering company with their finger on the pulse of the wedding industry and the culinary world. A dedicated caterer will serve all of the newest trends that you and your guests will love, like high-end fast food and gourmet desserts that tug at your nostalgia.

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