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Don’t Risk Complications At Customs – Hire A Global Importer

by michaelsanduso (writer), , October 31, 2017

As a technology reseller, there is a great deal of opportunity to be found when doing business internationally.

With so many cloud-based service providers expanding globally, and requiring the IT infrastructure to deliver quality signals and services, there is no shortage of clients to pursue working relationships with. The only difficult lies in how challenging cross-border transactions can become when trying to ship dual-use or controlled use goods. Because computer technologies can be used for both civilian and military applications, these materials are endlessly scrutinized at the customs of many countries. Often, they must even be shipped to data centres to be cleared, nowhere near where prospective clients are conducting their business.

What’s more, in order for the equipment to be cleared, customs personnel require the exporting entity (in this case the reseller) to prepare a wide range of papers to accompany the shipment. This typically includes a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, various permits, licences, and certifications among other highly specific pieces of customs support documentation. Every country furthermore has different rules and regulations regarding what documents they want the exporter to produce making acquiring the proper papers a lengthy and involved process, one where clearance isn’t even necessarily guaranteed.

Resellers who take this enormous task on by themselves risk costly delays; only by hiring a strong and experienced global importer to aid in the painful parts of the process can these risks be mitigated. A company like TecEx for example will offer a full suite of services as your importer of record. Not only do they have a point of presence in over 120 countries, and can legally take responsibility for the leased equipment post-clearance in these places, they take over the documentation process too, assuring its accuracy. Because they are familiar with globally distributing these types of goods, they also offer best lead times, with full clearance promised just 10 days after a reseller’s quote is accepted — just visit the TecEx website to learn more.

Once the equipment is cleared, their on-the-ground team will ensure your assets are safely transferred from the data centre to your clients either by means of their own couriers or by liaising with your preferred forwarder or freight service. Finally, as an importer, this company saves you money by only charging you the landed-cost quote regardless of any changes made to a country’s legislature once the process begins, and they can even retrieve value-added tax for you from 40 countries that offer it.

When it comes to shipping sensitive goods to other countries, ensure you have an expert in imports on your side who can not only guide you through a complicated procedure, but who can also do the legwork for you. The last thing you need is for your equipment to be delayed, hurting your reputation with your international clients, preventing both them and you from moving forward with business activities. With a global distributions partner overseeing the transaction, you can rest assured that your technologies will arrive in record time and by the deadlines they’re supposed to.

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