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The New iPhone X Is Too Pricey

by michaelsanduso (writer), , October 31, 2017

It may almost be 2018, but a grand will get you a lot of things in this day and age.

It’s enough to lay down as much as 80 percent on the average rent in the US, which is just $1,231. It could fund most of your travel expenses with a return flight to Europe. You could even buy 202 grande pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, at $4.95 each, if you wished it so. Many a basic bitch have.

Or, it could buy you the new iPhone X.

Starting at $1,000, the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive handset ever. In other countries, it’s even pricier. UK Apple addicts will have to lay down £999, or $1,342 USD. In Russia, iPhone buys you at 79,990?, or $1,378 USD. In Italy, it’s even worse at 1,359 €, which is the equivalent of $1,629 USD.

Its launch date, November 3, comes at a time when most of the country is budgeting for the upcoming holidays. Last year, Americans only spent $900 on gifts and the social lead up to the season. The qualifier ‘only’ when discussing $900 is justified when comparing it to Apple’s jacked pricing.

Nearly two months earlier, the iPhone 8 saw a release on September 22. Though cheaper than the X, it’s not an exceptional feat, as most handsets are priced lower than the Apple’s flagship. Even still, at $699, it’s not what you could call a budget smartphone by any means.

Most people aren’t willing to pay that much for their phone, especially if they didn’t already have plans to upgrade. When you have better things to spend your money on, then the iPhone X is off your radar, at least until Tim Cook deems it appropriate to bring down the price to levels us mere mortals can afford.

That won’t happen anytime soon, even if Cook admits “the prices are high”. In an interview he conducted while touring India, he also said they weren’t willing to compromise on quality in order to enter markets with lower price points, claiming they “only want to make phones [they’re] proud of”. Basically this is corporate-speak explaining they have no plans to lower their prices.

Contain your gasp of shock. This is probably not news, so you’ll be stuck with the 7 for a while. That’s nothing to sneer at. Though it didn’t make any leaps and bounds in terms of innovative changes, it scored well with critics. At just one year old, your iPhone 7 still performs as well as ever.

You may be robbed of the novelty of discovering a new device thanks to the X’s price point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject something fresh into your older handset. To get a taste of the AR capabilities of the newer models, you can upgrade to the new iOS 11. Be cautious. Some users are complaining about performance issues once they make the upgrade as the new OS drains CPU and battery power.

Its looks are easier to fix, with fewer potential consequences. If your old smartphone doesn’t look fresh out of its box, you can add an iPhone 7 decal. These accessories are easy to apply and totally customizable, so you have an iPhone 7 that looks awesome in dragon skin, marble, or mahogany, just to name a few. It’ll cover up any existing cosmetic damages (say, those permanent scratches in your 7’s Jet Black finish) and help prevent anymore from happening.

Best of all, you’ll get the look of a brand-new iPhone without paying the full ransom. An iPhone 7 decal from dbrand, for example, comes in at under $50, making it a reasonable addition to your handset. You can also upgrade to a carbon composite case to outfit it with D30 impact tech that’s decal compatible.

Compared to the grand you’d have to drop to claim the X, any accessory is a reasonable addition to your budget, even around the holidays when your wallet is otherwise occupied.

In this case, X is no longer just a Roman numeral denoting the 10th anniversary iPhone. The X stands for expensive.

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