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Top 10 Ways To Watch The Gene Simmons Sex Tape

by Limoge (writer), Los Angeles, February 23, 2008


Whether it's to get back at the Donald for firing him or Shannon Tweed was on an errand, Gene Simmons now has his very own sex tape. Herewith are some helpful ways to view this "must see" video.

1) Blindfolded.

2) Don't watch it.

3) Have a drinking game where everytime Simmons' partner looks away in disgust, toss back some tequila.

4) I already watched Gene Simmons have sex in person when I walked into my grandparents' bedroom by mistake.

5) That was Gene Simmons in that video?? I thought that was Regis in a bad wig!!!

6) Have a barf bag handy.

7) If I wanted to watch Gene Simmons have sex, I'd go to the monkey exhibit during mating season.

8) No Number 8 --writer' can't believe Gene Simmons still has sex.

9) Watch the Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson sex tape instead.

10) Watch it on the night you've run out of Ambien and you need to get a good night's rest.

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By VeroniqueChevalier on February 27, 2008 at 03:49 pm

Hey, what in the heck did any monkeys ever do to you to deserve such an insult???

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