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IVF egg donation – how to start and avoid going into debt

by Editor (editor), , October 26, 2017

How to start the search for a reliable fertility clinic and how not to go bankrupt during the IVF egg donation treatment? Here are a few tips.

Fertility treatments for women such as IVF using donor oocytes can be extremely costly, especially in countries like the USA or the UK. Your expenses can mount even to $17,000-20,000 for one IVF cycle. Certainly, fulfilling your dream about having a baby is priceless. But is it possible to save some money and realize your dream? How to start the search for a reliable fertility clinic and how not to go bankrupt during the IVF egg donation treatment? Here are a few tips.

1. Prepare in advance & start saving. Start with doing some basic health tests with your partner and gather all the medical records you have so far. Check if these tests can be done for free under your insurance – this way you will be saving money from the start. Scan the medical records and upload them on your PC or laptop. In case you want to book a free Skype consultation with a fertility doctor, you will have all the data handy. Also, define your current budget and check how much money you still need. Consider how much your daily habits are costing you, and if you overspend on status. Start tracking your expenses in an Excel spreadsheet and monitor your daily savings. Follow a money saving blog for more tips.

2. Educate yourself about IVF. You do not need a degree in reproductive medicine to understand IVF. There is plethora of forums and reliable websites which publish patient-friendly articles, fertility news, best IVF clinics ratings, egg donation reviews and so on. All in simple English. And free of charge. You canalso find free webinars for fertility patients and lots of information about egg donation clinics on Make sure you know what the IVF egg donation process entails. Also check if you are ready to take some time off work if the need arises.

3. Find best IVF clinic abroad. In most countries the standard health insurance does not cover in vitro fertilization, so it is worth checking the clinics abroad which offer affordable fertility treatments. Did you know that the cost of IVF with donor eggs in Europe can be even 70% cheaper than in the USA? If you book the flight tickets well in advance, the overall cost should not be higher than the entire treatment at home. Usually you will need to visit the clinic once or twice. More and more Canadians and Americans are willing to travel to Europe, as the cost of IVF with donor eggs in North America is rapidly rising. European clinics offer the same if not higher standards and have much more affordable options. For instance, best IVF clinic in Czech Republic offers oocyte donation – fresh cycle at approx. $2,000, fresh cycle is about $4,000, a bit more expensive but still considerably cheaper than in the US. Our tip:

4. Take your time. Do not hurry – selecting an affordable fertility clinic is not an easy decision. If you are serious about your finances and you are a bit overwhelmed by the number of clinics online, ask EggDonationFriends experts for help. Their services are free and always will be. Their patient consultants will help you select 3 IVF clinics that best match your budget. That platform was created by IVF survivors who understand your needs best.

5. Combine your IVF egg donation treatment with your vacations. If you are planning a fertility treatment, you have probably ditched your vacation plans for the next year or so. If you choose to have treatment in Europe, for example sunny Spain or gorgeous Prague in Czech Republic, you can benefit from treatment and quality time with your partner.

Consider these tips before making a decision on the course of your IVF egg donation treatment. Having a baby through IVF should not mean going into debt. Stay on top of your finances and you will see that IVF egg donation journey can be won without going bankrupt.

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