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5 Life hacks to stay naturally beautiful

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , October 24, 2017

Here is a list of five very simple health hacks that will help you maintain your natural beauty and keep you fit as well.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” only if you are those eyes that can perceive beauty then even the ugliest thing in this world has a beauty of its own. But one thing that life teaches you is that beauty needs to be preserved to keep it safe from fading away.

Beauty fades away with time and harsh environment that affects it. So, if you want to maintain your God gifted natural beauty, then you need to protect it from pollution, harsh chemicals and harmful rays of the sun.

Five fundamental for maintaining natural beauty

Here is a list of five very simple health hacks that will help you maintain your natural beauty and keep you fit as well.

Water: The human body is 75% water. The cells in the human body remain turgid only if they get adequate water. Otherwise, they became flaccid and worn out. This is the prime cause of aging before time; dead skin cells form g dark spots and wrinkles. So if you want to maintain that healthy glowing skin, drink an adequate quantity of water.

Vitamins and minerals: Other than water, Vitamins, and minerals have a second most significant share in body proportion. Vitamins and minerals can easily be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Especially vitamin C, E, A are good for healthy skin and maintaining the natural beauty of your skin. Other than this Omega 3, fatty acids are also essential that can be derived from fish and meat,

Detoxification: With our busy lives and ill-maintained diet, the body is filled with toxins that must be removed. Toxins can make blood impure and contaminate it with various viruses, many of those can harm your skin and appearance. To purify the blood, keeping a proper metabolism and digestion it is essential to take detoxification diet twice every week.

Exercise: I understand hitting the gym or having a daily workout regime at home is not easy or practically possible for all. But at least you can do the minimum that is required. To maintain the natural beauty of the body, you must keep it healthy with regular exercise. It can be any form of exercise you can do in your spare time daily. Like jogging, meditating, dancing, aerobics or merely taking a pleasant long walk. It helps. If your body stays in shape, you will feel even more beautiful.

The last and most important of all is staying HAPPY. Yes, my friend's laughter is the best medicine and fastest cure. If beauty can make you smile, then smiling can make you beautiful too. That’s the funda! Stay happy; you don’t have to look around here and there, happiness lies within.

If you are too stuck with work, just take a break, for no reason. Go out stare at the sky, feel the breeze and enjoy what’s all around you.

Just look into you. Stand in front of that mirror; admire yourself, for who you are. No amount of makeup can make you more beautiful than the person you are, and believe me you are beautiful. So naturally beautifully!

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