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How to buy ripple and where to store them?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , October 23, 2017

The best thing you can do to purchase ripple is by buying bitcoins first and then exchanging them for an equivalent number of ripple.

Interested in high cap investment? Cryptocurrency should be your choice. Ripple along with bitcoins and Ethereum is the most profitable cryptocurrency in the market. Ripple has ten seconds most significant share in the cryptocurrency market and is making a profit close to 970% above.

So if you are think8 g for an investment that is lucrative, high yielding and easily traded then I would suggest going with Ripple.

To understand how ripple works you have to understand the trading of cryptocurrency. Well, the cryptocurrency we traded electronically without any physical presence of any form of currency. Its trading is based on algorithm about which you can learn from internet and other sources.

The first question that comes to your mind when thinking about ripple is, whether it’s safe or not. So let me tell you that it's very mulch like trading on the forex market and trading in any form requires a certain amount of risk associated with the market. Other than this, trading is safe and well-managed practice.

Coming down to investing in ripple; a number of people don’t know where and how to buy ripple. The best thing you can do to purchase ripple is by buying bitcoins first and then exchanging them for an equivalent number of ripple.

Where do you keep ripple?

Unlike physically stored currency, cryptocurrency like ripple is saved electronically. Ripple is stored in ripple wallet, that is just like any other electronic wallet, and its transactions are safe and secure.

Since there are number of wallets available over internet for storing ripple, you must pick very carefully. Another important thing that you must know is that a ripple wallet requires 20XRP to register you a ripple wallet and book an address to your wallet. So, this means that you should keep only one wallet unless you need otherwise.

How does ripple wallet works

To store the XRP and transact with it, just like any other cryptocurrency wallet you need to maintain a ripple wallet. You need to register for a ripple wallet.Chose the most trusted wallet for this. Ones you register, an address will be generated, and a security key will be given to you. Now you can buy ripple and store them in your wallet by providing its address. Automatically the ripple you bought will get transferred and save in your wallet. A ledger is maintained by your wallet account to keep track of all your trading. You can quickly view the ledger by giving the key.

Whenever you wish to sell your ripple investments, you can sell them using your wallet and give your account details to get the exact amount of currency either dollar or euro in your account.

There are some wallet that allows transactions while some allow only storage. So you must select carefully the kind of ripple wallet you want. The best way of finding out the perfect wallet is by reading about them either online or through trusted sources. You can always ask your friends or family those who are already investing in XRPs.

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