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We've Come So Far

by Editor (editor), , October 07, 2017

what about the idea of Virtual Reality, when the only thing that it appeared to go with was an episode out of 'Star Trek'?

Can anyone remember when the only choice we had when playing online games and casino games like slots meant being tethered to your home computer? Or what about those times when mobile casinos were so new that we only had two or three games to play, and they were, quite frankly, pretty bad as they crashed half way through and the quality of the graphics was awful. Or what about the idea of Virtual Reality, when the only thing that it appeared to go with was an episode out of 'Star Trek'?

If you can remember all those times, (and it wasn't that long ago) then it is incredible to think of how far technology has advanced in the last few years. The gaming industry as a whole as enjoyed great success, and if we put that together with the internet being more reliable and widely available then it isn't hard to see how these advancements have helped to change our lives.

Now we can enjoy our favourite casino games on the move, when and where we choose and all of the games that we have at our fingertips are delivered in high definition, and with superior audio clips to enhance our time spent online.

For instance, if you take a look at netent casinos and what they have to offer is soon become apparent how far the industry has advanced. Netent actually have over 20 years in the industry creating only the best games using advanced features. The company was listed on Nasdaq OMX back in 2009 and this helped it grow substantially, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they released their first mobile game.

Netent then launched their first live casino in 2013 and in 2015 the company entered the American market.

Part of the success of Netent is surely their willingness to move with the times and reinvent their products to meet the changing needs of their users, and any operator worth their salt will do the same.

In an ever-changing scene where demographics alter practically every day (or appear to) it is vital that any company keeps up with new technology and is not left behind and others take up the banner drawing a new generation of players through their virtual doors.

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