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Take your spiritual instincts to next level with the tours to holy land

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , October 04, 2017

So, before you start your Holy Land Tour, here are few important Holy places you must know of:

For all the believing Christians around the world, the tour to the holy lands of Jerusalem and Bethlehem holds great importance. It's like a pilgrimage tour full of serenity, devotion, and spirituality. We will discuss how to take the tour later in the article, so stay connected.

Although, most of the holy lands are located in Palestine, Israel and few in Jordan, but most of them are in Israel and is captured land.

Every year thousands of devoted Christians take the holy land tour to sanction their spirituality and relate to their Lord.

So, before you start your Holy Land Tour, here are few important Holy places you must know of:

1- Bethlehem: the birthplace of Prophet Jesus. The miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus in Bethlehem is warranted by both Bible and Quran.

2- Jerusalem: it has been a very important place in many terms, first Prophet Jesus gave many of his teachings here, secondly it is believed he was crucified on a hill nearby called the Golgotha. The place also holds importance as it has the church of Holy sepulchre, mount Zion, the church of all nation and Mary’s Tomb.

3- Nazareth: it is the hometown of Prophet Jesus and hold importance with some more significance can holy places like the Church of Annunciation and Mary’s well.

4- Al-Maghtas: this is the location of Baptism of Prophet Jesus and of John the Baptist. It is located on the river Jordan in Jordan.

5- Qana is the place of Prophet Jesus first miracle, where he turned the water into wine.

6- Sephoria is the place where Mother Mary is said to have spent her childhood.

7- Mount Tabor :famous for the transfiguration of Prophet Jesus.

8- The Red Sea, the place where Prophet Moses parted the river to let pass with other slaves and where the evil king of Egypt, Faron got drowned with his army after the waters returned into the Red Sea while he was chasing Prophet Moses.

There is no doubt on either the Miracles of Jesus or his existence as both are proved by Bible and Quran. And that Jesus will return to kill the one-eyed devil, as testified from Bible ( Old Testament) and Holy Quran.

What is the best way to visit the holy lands

If you are looking forward to paying a visit to these holy lands, then there are many travel agencies that cover all the places in one package.

Such holy land travel packages start from as less as £1000 per person. These travel agencies are the best to book your travel as they are experienced and are well aware of all hold lands and churches to give you a better tour.

Although, there are many travel agencies who take up the tour to holy lands but not all guarantee such satisfying tour as the giltravel.

Benefits of booking the tour to the holy land with experience tour agencies:

1- They have a good hands-on experience in taking the tours

2- These agencies have tie-ups with hotels and tour guide to give you best tour

3- They provide visa and air ticket facilities as well.

4- These agencies are dedicated towards good customer service

You can always search the yellow pages to find the best holy tour travel agency near you. It is also advised to book your tour in advance alerts two months, to avoid last minute delays.

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