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Web metrics you cannot ignore while buying a website

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , September 28, 2017

Remember website purchase in not only a product, you are making an investment.

If you are looking forward for a website as a future investment, that might give you good profit, you just can’t ignore these web metrics.

Highly recommended to read the following metrics to understand where you are investing. Remember website purchase in not only a product, you are making an investment.

The domain metrics

Yes, you have to determine the authority of the domain you are buying. Remember that the traffic on the website is directly affected by its domain authority. Also, the domain is important in deeming the search engine ranking. It will also help in determining the quality of the website for SERMs.

The traffic metric

You must know that when you buy a website that is fully functional, you get along with it all the features, its client-ship and the traffic. This although saves you a lot of trouble which you would have had, f you build one yourself. But this rather calls for extra word of caution. You must pay close attention to the traffic of the website you intend to buy.

A website with good traffic ranking both in terms of organic and in-organic traffic, is bound to give you better returns. On the other hand if you buy a website will lower traffic ratio, you might either end up on the losing side or have to put in extra effort and money to give it new life.

Backlinks metrics

Well, of course not to miss, the backlinks. Backlinks play a vital role in determining the website ranking, quality and its authenticity. A website with natural backlinks from authentic websites and authoritative domains is likely to be more productive.

If you do not pay close attention of the backlinks, you will be in great trouble. Either you have to put in lot of efforts in getting original backlinks from genuine website with appreciated content or you take a wrong way with artificial backlinks, which will ruin your websites quality and repo.

So, now you know what all you must consider before buying a website. Well, there are few very generic points too that you should not ignore. Although, these may sound like some common sense talking but better safe than sorry!

You can always play safe by cross checking the genuineness of the website buy cross checking its owner and his history. I will advise you to do a full background check of the website, tracking its movement and organic traffic inputs using Google tools.

Remember you are not only buying some stuff, you are making a capital investment with a hope to earn future profits from it. So make the decision likewise. Another important thing, if you are investing in a sinking ship , you better be ready with a good welding plan. Buy only if you are confident you can give a new life to that website and earn profit out of it.

Well, now I guess you know a good lot of things. You are good to go. Make some good investment and enjoy.

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