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Will 3D Printing Take Off in the Cosmetic Surgery World?

by herbertp343 (writer), , September 26, 2017

Surgeons can really understand the shape of the patient’s body, wherever it may be, and plan the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Developments in technology over the years have benefitted the cosmetic industry greatly, and with the introduction of 3D printing in surgery, the process of reconstruction has never been easier. Not only are they available within the UK, but the process has also gone global. With the best boob job Turkey has to offer, for example, this can only be done with advanced technological processes, and this includes the ability to print in three dimensions.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Performing cosmetic surgery on somebody is virtually impossible without a thorough examination before the procedure is carried out. Therefore, before the emergence of technology, and 3D printing specifically, patients had to simply hope that their surgeon was capable and knew what they were doing, otherwise the results weren’t pretty. Therefore, with 3D printing, any fears that patients may have can be put to rest, as 3D software can be used to gain insight into how the surgery will be conducted and the areas that need special attention. These 3D models allow 360 degree rotation, so surgeons can really understand the shape of the patient’s body, wherever it may be, and plan the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Facial Reconstruction

For some, leaving the house can be a difficult task daily due to any facial disfigurement that they may have been born with or, even worse, given by a tragic event. Without developed technology, surgeons can struggle to see the internal damage of disfigurement, which makes performing surgery difficult as they need to be able to analyse the entire area before putting a client under the knife. But, now that 3D printing has been introduced to the cosmetic surgery industry, a mirror image can be produced to reconstruct any injured parts and thus create a symmetrical template for the face. Now that we have this advanced technology to help us in the cosmetic surgery industry, it makes it impossible to tell that a patient has even had surgery due to the pristine results that it gives.

Improvements in Breast Augmentations

Before 3D printing was used in cosmetic surgery, breast alterations were very successful; however, the shapes that were able to be manufactured were limited, meaning that not everyone was catered for properly. But, with 3D printing on our side, implants can be created by analysing the dimensions of the 3D image, making the perfect personalised breast implant for each patient. Breasts can be scanned with this technology, giving valuable information to the surgeon about how the breasts are currently structured and the procedure necessary to alter them to the client’s taste. Not only does this result in happier patients, but it also makes the process much faster as implants are created based off a detailed image, providing surgeons with the immediate answer.

Print Variations

It’s important to remember the client’s needs, of course, as the surgery is ultimately going to change their life no matter the reason behind it. So, with 3D printing, surgeons are able to print a series of images that show how the end result might look. Based on their ultimate desires, the patient can look between the options and pick the look that suits them best. This often gives patients a huge confidence boost, as they are already aware of the outcome of the surgery before it has even commenced.

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