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Seven Romantic Places in Paris Tourists Don’t Know About

by Editor (editor), , September 23, 2017

There are few tourists here, so you have the opportunity to see everything slowly.

The city of lovers, the city of light, and the gray rose – Paris has many different names. The capital of France is really impressive, and the endless stream of tourists is a clear confirmation of this. But there are places that most travelers don’t know about. It’s there that you can feel the authentic France. We have collected most romantic places to stay in Paris.

Musee Marmottan Monet

If the Louvre scares you with hundreds of tourists, you can visit other museums. They are no less interesting. The Marmottan Monet Museum has a rich history. Originally it was a hunting house on the edge of the forest, then it became a private museum, and now it’s known as the repository of the world's largest collection of Monet’s paintings.

If you like impressionism, you should definitely visit this place. The museum is small but impressive. There are few tourists here, so you have the opportunity to see everything slowly. The largest collection of Monet’s works won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Les Carriers de Paris

The capital of France is often associated with something beautiful and romantic. But there are always skeletons in the closet. When it comes to Paris, this expression takes on a literal meaning. If you want to add a little bit of thrill to your romantic trip, visit Les Carriers de Paris - the catacombs of Paris. Initially, people used to mine stone here for the construction of churches. In 1785, the government of Paris decided to turn the place into a cemetery to rebury the deceased from the central cemetery. Maybe Les Carriers isn’t the most romantic place in Paris, but it’s definitely the most unusual one.

Cabaret Aux Trois Mailletz

Paris is a symbol of freedom of spirit and fun that you need to feel. And the cabaret Aux Trois Mailletz, an establishment with a rich history and an unforgettable atmosphere, will help you with that. It’s here that the native Parisians have fun.

You’ll never get bored here. The show program is made not only by musicians and dancers but also by all guests. It all starts with light music, for example, jazz. And then it turns into a real show, which involves the audience. Everyone sings, dances on tables and stage, or just rest. Aux Trois Mailletz is not crowded with tourists, which makes it one of the best romantic places to visit in Paris.

Bois de Vincennes

Bois de Vincennes is the largest park in the French capital. It’s also called “the lungs of Paris.” Initially, these were the hunting grounds of kings. Now 995 hectares of greenery are open to any Parisian or city visitor. The territory of the park is striking in its diversity. There are lakes and canals, bridges, fountains and even restaurants, a racetrack, a zoo, and a bicycle park. If you’re looking for some privacy, you’ll find it here for sure.

Le Village Saint-Paul

The next spot on our list of romantic places in Paris no one knows about goes to Le Village Saint-Paul, an antique district of Paris. It consists of many closed courtyards with various counters and shops along them. You can buy whatever you want here: handmade utensils, cards, decorations, old dolls, decor elements, and just antique furniture. You should come here at least to see all this variety of antiques.

Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine - a truly Parisian spot tourists don’t know about. Residents of the French capital come here to rest, have dinner in one of the restaurants, or just admire the city. When the restaurants run out of free tables, Parisians take a glass of wine and just sit down on a bench. It’s here that you can experience the real atmosphere of the city.

Boulangeries Paul

The French are famous for their love for croissants, and Parisians are no exception. The Boulangeries Paul bakery is like Parisian fast food. Here you can take a croissant and coffee with you quickly and cheap. The choice is great: croissants, buns with raisins and chocolate, Belgian waffles. It’s a perfect place to grab a bite after a long walk. The lack of tourists makes Boulangeries Paul one of the most romantic places to visit in Paris.

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