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How to Plan the Perfect Holiday

by herbertp343 (writer), , September 22, 2017

We’ve decided to gather together some of the top things you need to think about when planning your holiday to ensure optimum perfection.

When it comes to holidaying, planning can be the worst part. We always feel like we’re forgetting something and we try and plan as much as we can to ensure the perfect break and often find ourselves planning too much. We’ve decided to gather together some of the top things you need to think about when planning your holiday to ensure optimum perfection.

Check for Visas and Health Cards

Make sure that, no matter what country you choose to go to, you check and double check whether or not you need a visa and what their health cover is – and give yourself plenty of time too. Visas can take weeks as some countries require you to send your passport to their embassy. Not only is it important to have a visa, but giving yourself plenty of time will mean that you actually have your passport when it comes to going on holiday. In the way of ensuring that you don’t need to pay out in the case of emergencies, getting a European Health Insurance Card from is equally as important as looking into a visa. Other non-European countries may have alternate health cards, otherwise it may be worth looking into travel insurance.


Picking the timing for your holiday can be the making or breaking of your trip. Avoiding the busiest times can mean lower costs and less waiting around in popular tourist destinations, but most importantly it can affect the weather of your trip. Going on a beach break in the autumn months can mean different weather depending on where you go, or which part of the country you go to. Some countries find that they have very different climates in the north, south, east and west so it’s important to plan for every eventuality, including looking at the average temperatures while you’re booking, and again just before you go.

Go Incognito

Booking your flights and hotel in an incognito/private window on your web browser will ultimately save you money. Due to the cookies that are collected on our computers, sites can pick up on our previous search history and adjust their prices accordingly. If they know that you’ve been looking at a certain time or date for travel, they may hike up the price to get the most out of you and your bookings. Browsing in a private window cuts out this possibility, and so the prices that you see are the true price of the hotel or flights that you are looking to book. This is particularly useful while you’re still shopping around for deals!

Mix up and balance your itinerary

Mixing up your itinerary and the plans that you make while you’re away can help you make the most out of your trip and make it feel like you’ve actually had a break. Spending an entire holiday exploring a city by foot is all well and good in theory, but in practice you could end up feeling like you need more rest after your holiday than you did before you went. Mixing up what you do and how intense you days are can give you a better opportunity to make the most of the time you have. Remember, it’s okay to relax for an entire day if you want to, and it’s equally okay to go out and do something if you’ve taken a holiday with the intention of doing plenty of sunbathing.

Double check with ‘providers’ before you go.

Finally, check with your providers before you go. About a week before you leave, call up your hotel and check with your airline that everything is still in order and good to go. If it turns out that there has been a mix up of some kind, at least you have an entire week to sort things out and get everything back on track!

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