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WordPress Theme Stats and Facts for 2017-2018

by Craig McConnel (writer), Gilbert Arizona, October 18, 2017

WordPress powers most of the websites being built today. Learn more about the surprising statistics behind the most used CMS WordPress.

Four Important Facts About WordPress in 2017-2018

WordPress is the most popular web hosting service. Here are four important WordPress facts:

1. The Founding Of The Company Required A Massive Effort:

It took an estimated 112 person years to build. Therefore, if you combined the working hours that all employees put into building the company, it would be the equivalent to one person working for 112 years. It also cost more than 6 million dollars to fund the start-up. In addition, the project required 423,759 lines of code. As a result, developers have a vast range of options when they create a WordPress site.

2. WordPress Powers A Massive, Popular, And Growing Portion Of The Internet:

WordPress powers 27% of the internet. In total, there are 74.6 million WordPress websites. The portion of the internet that's powered by WordPress is growing rapidly. All of the WordPress sites combined add an average of 24 new posts per minute. There also are 46,000 comments posted on WordPress sites each month.

In addition, there are around 50,000 new WordPress sites created each day. There are around 2.7 million searches for WordPress each month.

In total, WordPress sites receive an estimated 22.7 billion page views per month. This number is approximately three times the world population. Many WordPress sites are ranked highly by Alexa's measurements.

3. Many Successful Website Developers Use WordPress:

There are some website developers that make their entire living with WordPress, and WordPress development was once ranked the most requested skill in the world. On average, clients pay website developers 1,000 dollars to create a full WordPress site. Therefore, web designers can make a sizable income developing WordPress sites. The average WordPress developer earns 50 dollars per hour.

Most website developers that build WordPress sites will work on more than one WordPress site. In fact, more than 90% of website developers who build a WordPress site will go on to make another one.

4. WordPress Themes Vary Greatly In Their Popularity:

Those designing the top 10,000 WordPress sites most commonly use the Genesis Framework. In fact, 18% of them use this theme. The Woo Commerce theme is a relatively close second with 13% of the sites using it. The third most popular theme is Divi, but only 4% of the websites use it. Here are some of the other popular WordPress themes among the 10,000 most popular WordPress sites:

  • 4th Most Popular- Twenty Eleven (4% of sites)
  • 5th Most Popular- Avada (3% of sites)
  • 6th Most Popular- Enfold (3% of sites)
  • Close Ties For 7th Most Popular- Twenty Twelve, Foodie Pro, Woo Framework, Twenty Fourteen (2% of sites)

However, 47% of the most popular 10,000 WordPress sites use a theme that isn't among the most popular. Therefore, it's clear that WordPress designers don't have to use one of the most popular WordPress themes to be successful.

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