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7 Fun Things To Do Before You? Move to The Big Apple

by Editor (editor), , October 12, 2017

You’ll get a chance to celebrate your current home, and friendships, before setting off for the Big Apple.

New York City is waiting for you, and your local movers NYC are going to do a great job getting you there. Before you change zip codes, be sure to take some time to do a few fun things too!

Moving can be an emotional roller coaster – a few well timed, and well thought of, leaving ceremonies will help you. You’ll get a chance to celebrate your current home, and friendships, before setting off for the Big Apple.

Moving to NYC? Top 7 Ideas to Make it a Memorable Experience

1. Plan A Farewell Party

Whether it’s an intimate dinner with a few close friends or a BBQ PARTY with the whole block, you’ll get a chance to enjoy one last party in your neighborhood. It could be as simple as takeout and beers, but it means spending time, and saying a fond farewell to neighbors, friends, and possibly family, as well. Pushed for time? Have an open afternoon, or evening, where friends can drop by, and also lend a hand.

2. Go To Your Favorite Restaurant/s

In the weeks leading up to your move you’ll be stocking up on less food, and sure to be eating more takeout. Rather think of making a few trips to eat out at your favorite local restaurants. It will give you an opportunity to say a fond farewell too, to the staff, and management. (*And a really good excuse to indulge a little, while the NYC moving company takes care of all the details.)

3. Memory Album

Moving long distance especially can be very difficult, and it’s a great idea to take some special, specific, photographs of your home, and neighborhood. Is there a special view in your garden that you are really going to miss? What about the magical brickwork on the fireplace that you fell in love with when you first moved in?

You can take it with you, and in the busy time of moving, you won’t have time. Spend a few days, in the weeks leading up to your move, taking special pics. It will be an album you, and your family will treasure dearly. Your local NYC movers will get it, as well as all your belongings, safely, to your new home.

4. Declutter With A Moving Sale

A home, over the years, can collect junk. There’s your son’s old toys, your millions of gardening tools, and some stuff from the last move, well, that just never got unpacked. Hold a sale, and get everything out on the lawn. Is there furniture you aren’t going to move to NY? Sell it. Bargain prices, and spread the word – everyone loves a great deal.

5. Last Play dates

A move can be very hard for children, and you will have to assess whether “ official “ last play dates are a good idea, or whether they will increase the anxiety of your child. If this is the case, then, merely plan a special, fun, outing, and play dates for your children, and their neighborhood, and school, friends.

6. Go Somewhere New

A total change of scenery will be good for you, and a chance to go see that art gallery/butterfly farm/animal shelter that you always meant to, will help to both distract you, and let you focus on something completely new. Take photographs, and, add them to your Memory Album.

7. Give Yourself A Break

Whether you have professional movers, or not, moving home is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. Your life is uprooted – in many ways –big and small, and you can easily become physically, and mentally, exhausted. The process of moving isn’t only about relocating your furniture but it’s about relocating your entire life, to a totally new place. Be gentle, and take time to rest, and take vitamins.

Stay hydrated, and if you can, schedule a massage -, pampering for yourself, whether it’s an evening with the guys, watching football, or a manicure, will recharge your spirits. Breaks are necessary, to help you deal with both the physical, and mental, demands, of a move.

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