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5 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , September 12, 2017

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5 Hotel Booking Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

No one goes to a destination and looks for hotels on foot anymore. So if you’re travelling anywhere these days, you’re bound to use online bookings. But there are many fine things that can make you a smarter buyer and help you avoid some mistakes. Listed below are the most commonly made mistakes while booking hotels.

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1. Not Knowing When To Book

There is no hard and fast rule defining the best timings to make a hotel booking. But the idea is to avoid making a reservation at the peak timings. Suppose you wish to visit a tropical location during the freezing winter or a cold place during the scorching summer; the demand for hotels are likely to be high. So the prices are bound to be steep closer to your travel dates. Therefore booking in advance will save you a few bucks. But if you’re visiting an uncommon place, you’re better off booking later than in advance. Also avoid booking at the most peak times during the day when the demand is high. For example, 6pm to 9pm are supposed to be high traffic timings.

2. Not Knowing Where To Book

This is important. Just because a website tells you they offer the best price does not mean they actually do. There’s no shortcut to finding the best deals across the internet. You need to do your homework and be thorough. There are many websites who will do this comparison for you. But it is still better to double check. If you wish to book a particular hotel, search for the best hotel booking promo codes available across different travel booking sites and make your pick wisely. If multiple hotels are offering similar prices, you may decide on the basis of amenities they’re offering such as Free WiFi, parking, breakfast, etc.

3. Forgetting About Reviews

A hotel website will only tell you positive things about them. It is their job to market their product to you. But the only way you can find out what is really good and what’s not is by reading customer reviews. Google gives little control to hoteliers to manipulate reviews and more often than not, you’ll find genuine information if you look out for customer reviews. More than the positive reviews, it is important to read the negative reviews. Don’t be disheartened by one or two negative reviews but if a majority of its customers do not recommend a particular hotel, stay away from it.

4. Ignoring The Fine Print

Reading the terms and conditions may be boring but it can save you a huge deal of hassle. Many hotels have hidden prices, taxes, etc. and it is mandatory for them to mention it in their fine print even if they don’t put the information out upright. Imagine you make a booking for a double bed room but they charge you extra for the blankets!

Also it is really important to check cancellation policies especially if you’re booking in advance. A million things might happen in a few months that might affect your chances of taking the trip. At such times, a goo cancellation policy can save you thousands if not more.

5. Not Using Credit Cards

Using cash is pretty old school and most of you don’t do it anyway. But what if I told you using debit cards is equally bad? Debit cards barely offer any extra rewards or discounts. You simply pay the amount you signed up for. But most booking websites will offer you added discounts on credit cards. Moreover you can collect reward points, airline miles, free night stays, cash backs and so much more. Many hotels also ask for an incidental deposit if you use debit cards to protect them from any damages you might cause to their property. But they do not charge any such amounts for booking made on credit cards.

Apart from these, don’t forget to follow up with the hotel, account for taxes and registration fees and be very thorough with dates, hotel name and other fine details while making the booking. Hope this information helps you make an awesome booking and a pleasant stay!

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