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Silverstone: The Home of British Motorsports

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , September 08, 2017

So if you are a motor enthusiast, this high-quality 3D map will help improve your times!

The legendary, historic, high-speed Silverstone circuit, based in Northamptonshire, is regularly used by a variety of national and international motorsport events, including Formula One, MotoGP and the British Touring Car Championship, to name but a few. Silverstone was originally built around an old RAF airfield and is one of the oldest Formula One circuits in use, having hosted Formula One Grands Prix since 1948 (and officially, as part of the World Championship, since 1950). The high-speed and demanding nature of the 3.66 mile, 20-turn, Arena Grand Prix circuit, which is famous for its fast, sweeping bends and regular direction changes, makes the track a true test of both car performance and driver ability.

But have you ever found yourself wanting to know just how to put together that perfect lap of Silverstone? Whether you are a motorsport fan who would love to know just how the Formula One or touring car drivers manage to get around the track so quickly, or whether you are a track day enthusiast who is looking to shave an extra few tenths off your own best lap, this detailed, 3D map of the circuit will help you to understand it in as much detail as the experts do. The Grand Prix circuit is made up of a difficult mixture of medium and high-speed corners, which require the driver to have excellent throttle control and to take a great amount of care with the car balance upon corner entry. The Grand Prix circuit also features some tricky low-speed corners which a driver has to approach carefully in order to maximise the exit speed from the corners.

This detailed 3D map explains the best way to take each of the corners on the circuit and gives you detailed, useful tips from the professionals. It tells you what speed is required for every corner on the circuit, the necessary technique to ensure that your lap time is as quick as it can be and will also highlight where the tricky areas are when the conditions change. For example, slow corners such as Luffield and Brooklands require a very precise and careful technique to maximise your lap time. And of course, you are talked through the legendary, high-speed, Maggotts and Becketts section of the circuit. So if you are a motor enthusiast, this high-quality 3D map will help improve your times!

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