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Get Offline and Backpack: Tips for Camping That Will Make Yo

by Editor (editor), , September 07, 2017

A group of experienced tourists have tried to foresee some problems and are ready to share different camping tips and tricks you may need while outing.

Forget about creative writing essay help from experts for a while and dive into the world of traveling! Camping is a great time of adventures and rest. If you are going to camp, you never know for sure what difficulties you can face with and what problems you have to solve there. Sometimes backpacking can be an uneasy test not only for new comers into the world of tourism but even for experienced campers. A group of experienced tourists have tried to foresee some problems and are ready to share different camping tips and tricks you may need while outing.

Backpack to get your hands free

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If you go camping, the list of things you take can be endless. There are warm clothes, a tent, dishes, food, knives, changing shoes… When you go hiking, try to pack everything into your backpack and don’t you dare to bear any kit bag in your hands. First of all, your hands are important in a case of balancing under different precipices you may cross during your hiking. Second of all, if you bear something in your hands, you would get tired faster. Hence, fix the things to make camping easier and go forward to your adventures!

Fire starters

You have already got to the place of camping, and it is time to set afire. We will share some life hacks to make it faster and easier. Pine is the most highly inflammable tree, hence find some fir tree twigs and set on fire – it will burst into flame immediately. Another life hack for starting a fire is cotton pads imbued with wax, but you have to prepare them earlier while planning your holidays. If you haven’t thought of waxed cotton pads and can’t find any pine trees around you, you can take some crisps as a snack. Crisps can be a good tinder for a starting fire.

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Water resistance

Sudden rain can easily spoil your rest and make all your things get wet. There is nothing worse than soaked through things. To turn your backpack into water resistant one, put an ordinary trash compactor bag into your backpack and save your stuff from rain or water.

If you are planning to spend your weekends near the river, or decide to go boating, attach a cork to your keys, and you will never lose your keys in water. It is a camping made easy tips that can help you while outing.

Stay warm

Warm clothes

Whatever the weather is, keep your clothes warm while hiking. Just put the next day’s clothes in your sleeping bag while you sleep. It will warm up, because of your body’s temperature.

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Warm sleeping bag

If you are an experienced tourist, you are aware that nights are usually much colder than days. That is why it is getting extremely difficult to preserve warmness unless you take warm clothes and socks with you. But no worries. You can boil some water on a fire and throw a hot water bottle into your sleeping bag. Open-air warm nights are guaranteed.

Prepare meal and snacks before you leave

One of the most essential and important things you can do before backpacking is to take food and prepare meal ingredients or little snacks before you leave. When you spend your time outdoors, you get hungry too fast. And you will be thankful that you have thought of your camping menu and prepared it beforehand, in your kitchen, with all your knives, cutting boards, and a sink. The fewer times you will wash that camp knife, the happier you’ll be, especially if you go on holidays with your kids.

No more mosquitos

It is almost the biggest disaster even for the most stress resistant people. But you can easily save your night sitting near the fire with one of common cool camping tricks. Just throw juniper twigs into a fire. If it is impossible to find juniper around, you have to remember that the smell of cedarwood oil deters mosquitos from your skin. Use it!

Helen Birk

Helen Birk is an American famous traveling coach, journalist and a hostess of the popular American TV-show “Welcome to Paradise!”. Due to this famous show, she visited 36 countries. Every Sunday Helen Birk publishes interesting traveling tips for camping in her Instagram she follows by herself while traveling.

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