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Voice Search and AR Can be the Game Changer for Mobile Apps?

by Juned Ahmed (writer), Gandhinagar, India, September 27, 2017

New technologies are continuing to transform the mobility and mobile apps. AI powered voice search and voice control are continuing to become a mainstay in an array of apps and devices.

Voice search in mobile apps is also paving the path of incorporating augmented reality in many innovative ways. Thanks to voice search the reality offered by mobile apps is continuing to be extended. In the past few years, several development startups concentrated on these two technologies, and many of such products are undergoing crowdfunding. Many app developers in India are working to bring together AR and voice recognition for more personalised user experience.

How voice searches and augmented reality put together is becoming the biggest game changer for mobile apps, we will see in the remaining post.

Voice Search

Voice search is suddenly showing up its magic almost everywhere. Whether over Google search engine or with Siri assistant on an iPhone interface or just playing a new Amazon speaker Echo with smart voice control mechanism, you already have voice search and control in too many interfaces. This salient feature has already gained huge popularity among the young and millennial audience. In the time to come, voice search can account for a majority of searches through the search engines.

If it is so much integral to the digital experience of users or destined to be, what are the key considerations to evaluate and measure it? Some of the key aspects that are remained to be answered concerning voice search include the following.

  • What kinds of search queries and commands are suitable for voice search?
  • When and in which context people are more likely to use voice search?
  • How can voice search be monetised?
  • How can you track the performance of voice search?
  • Does voice search serve as a technology to make our connected reality smarter and better?

Let us try to elucidate the above mentioned aspects in short.

First of all, the connected reality around us with a plethora of devices and interfaces communicating with each other demands more seamless integration and fluid control and this demands voice search to play as the key role. Imagine your smartphone, connected coffee machine and your car are responding to your voice commands as all of them are equipped with voice recognition. Simple voice search and voice commands will now be transformed into intelligent voice recognition by the devices to help us control them seamlessly as when and where needed.

With such robust promise for voice based technologies including voice recognition and natural language processing playing a big role in modern apps, voice controlled smart assistants in future can unrolled as standardised value added features or standalone apps opening new opportunities for monetisation. Voice based technologies are becoming more precision driven and accurate in output now and this would make them irreplaceable part of future apps as well as interfaces.

Augmented Reality

If you want to name one technology that literally stormed the world of gaming and almost transformed the way we consider mobile apps it is none other than augmented reality which through a fun filled mobile game like Pokemon Go reached to the otherwise practical world of reality where grown up men were seen searching for the funny game characters called Pokemons around their environment while playing the game on their handheld device.

Yes, you play the game in mobile while search for the ubiquitous and mischievous Pokemons in the streets, nature and wilderness. If in search of Pokemons if you gone too far from your usual places of movement, the smart assistant can guide you about the nearby subway station to help you return home.

Now this augmented reality is no longer just a technology for gaming, but it is an active way to engage customers across various app niches. With augmented reality allowing a customer a more lively, shopping experience will be easier and real than ever before.

you’ve wandered off too far chasing a Pokémon and now feel a little bit lost, you can hold up your phone and point the camera around. If you have the right Augmented Reality app like Wikitude installed, you’ll know just where you are and also about the places of interest in your location. For example, you will be able to see where the nearest Starbucks is or scout for the nearest subway line and head home.

Augmented reality, powering voice search

Now the power of Augmented reality and voice search joining hands together will add more power to our day to day user experience. It would help making the experience more contextual, user optimised, interactive and real time. For example, while traveling in a distant landscape you can ask your device about the local restaurant and it can instantly deliver you results by working in coordination with another app.

Such unification of AR and voice search will pave the way for more innovative and contextual advertising and this in turn will bring bigger scope of monetisation. Thanks to voice search and augmented reality working hand in hand, the whole app ecosystem of mobile platforms is likely to work together and become more user optimised. After voice search has been included, it's time to long for a AR based search page.

Let us have a look at some types of apps that are going to be transformed with AR and voice search.

Retail apps

Retail apps can provide users virtual trial rooms to try different clothes of their size, preferable fit and colour. But such extended reality can be delivered in a more user centric manner when the app allows voice commands.

Education and training apps

Both augmented reality and virtual reality brought a range of never before promises to the educational environment and training rooms. Thanks to the extended reality of training apps a learner can be offered practical exposure across several niches. The best thing the entire curriculum will be effortless with contents catered to him with voice command.

Manufacturing industry

Thanks to AR based made for manufacturing staff, they can take a look at the tasks and make perfect delivery for the assembly line as shown on the app. AR coupled up with voice command is supposed to bring down the time to market and corresponding cost.

Apart from all the types of industry specific apps mentioned above, AR and voice command together will add value to every kind of app. For example, before leaving for a journey, you can savour a digital experience of the place just by pronouncing it. It's all so simple.

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