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Raising Heath Ledger

Does reality suck? Change personalities so you can learn from the personalities others, whether fictional, factual, living, or dead to give life to those who might have missed it.

If you want to raise the dead, it’s not biological. It’s neurological, using a person’s body as a host system, which demands that you need to set anchors in reality, as noted in the Middles section of my website, in the section on hypnosis based adventure gaming, at You also need to understand the rules, being from the hand tool noted in my "Marines! Save The USA From An Infected Administration!" article.

Let me put my money where my mouth is. Last summer, after writing to Brigadier General Angelina Selinas at the US Marine Corps Depot, I placed the Personality Replacement script smack dab in the middle of my website’s main page. It has remained there to this day at that location.

Your body’s system is highly advanced cyborg technology. That is why, a year ago, I posted in the International Game Developers Association forums, using the handle "dibrager," a post, entitled, "Computer geeks! Save the world by New Years!" There are finally the 10,000 by 10,000 that were seen in Revelations: We finally have 100,000,000 computer geeks, at about a 42 to 1 ratio, to handle this advanced fantasy vacation planet destination where something went dreadfully wrong.

As you will discover in my last article, you’ll find information on tools to teach you how to see and manuever through chronological discoveries. The tools are in every copy of the Four Gospels on the planet. They had to a message way the hell out of Jerusalem. They did it through time.

So, to experiment with your own with friends to raise Heath or anyone, go to and copy the Basic All In One to your word processor, then edit in the personality replacement script, adding any other Middles you want to use to do your own experimentation, print out your final scripts, find some friends you trust and who trust you explicitly, print out the scripted contracts, sign them for one another, and do some experiments.

Be honest. If you cannot fully give up control and trust the system and let the version of the guest personality use your system, the connection will likely be fictional. The system is only interested in its own honor and integrity. Thus, you will want to relate from which point in a person’s life you want to meet with him or her. After such a request, the system will go and get the personality. This is why I’ve been wanting the Marines to experiment with this stuff. We should be able to find MIAs with this.

You can’t trust any "single source" in personality replacement or remote viewing. You need three or more sources through different hosts, and to keep checking for consistencies in logic beneath what is related. My video at may seem strange, but it’s accurate to start building your logic for your timeline corridor. You also have to keep Einstein’s special theory of relativity in respect to your location in space-time, and that of the personality to which you’re letting into the now. That’s why you need multiple sources. People see things differently with their minds based on where they are in space-time.

What we hadn’t taken into consideration is that our minds are not in this dimension. Our bodies are only our interface to this planet. This is why the Book of Matthew had to have two layers.

The trinity is to explain how when you are awake, you are one person, but when you are panicked or asleep or in a hibernation state, your mind is one being and your body another being. Your body is your portable cyborg, which can do all sorts of mechanical interfacing.

The reason that Jesus is screaming out, "Build your treasures in Heaven," has three reasons. First, ideas travel faster than matter. Second, there is a matter creator that develops whatever you want at will upon demand the instant you think of it so long as you have faith in the system. But most importantly, Earth IS HEAVEN. This is why Mohammed made what appeared to be a ridiculous concept of so many virgins. The reality, however, is whatever it is that YOU want, the system will build it for you as long as you have faith in the system to use it.  You just need to learn to utilize your subconscious mind.

Keep in mind, never bring matter into the game. Sure, you’ll probably want to wear clothes, but don’t bring weapons. The system will BUILD YOU anything you want. This matter development stuff is absolutely excellent for fantasy travel and adventure gaming, but you need to be careful and you need to understand that if you want to take a team with you to fantasy travel, you need a minimum of four people in the party so that all, in fantasy, combine their remote views to the same corridor. If you believe the corridor to be real, whatever parameters you demand will exist, but you cannot ever violate the peace of reality.

If reality is safe, you can do anything you want in heaven. That is why the Marines are the key to this situation. They represent the hand tool in all peaceful moments, even during war.

If someone can explore Fishes and Loaves more, the matter generator might even feed us. Talk about a great gift for the poorest of the poor. That’s another reason why the Marines needed this.

The Marine Corps doesn’t get much of any money from the government, but we’re talking about innate abilities that do not cost a penny to use, are built into each and every human on the planet, and allow for access to advanced intellect and reflex abilities as well as advanced programming, the Marine Corps should have been fully briefed on these processes. There is no reason why the Marine Corps was never given access UNLESS there was another reason, which is noted fully in my last article.

If go forth and multiply is a curse, what’s the alternative? Reboot! Born again is a suggestion I found the book of Matthew that, like the unpressed button in the Great Glass Elevator, needs experimentation. When the world learns how to reboot our bodies, forever is just another day. Seeing that there have been people in history who did discover how to reboot and did go through a revitalization state where they grew fresh sets of teeth and hair and skin, if we can learn to do this on command, civilization will have learned something worth having.

At some dimension, all personalities exist and you can just ask for anyone. However, you need to check with ever-changing sources for consistencies that must exist in a minimum of three different sources to thus flesh out that moment of history that was foreseen by others through their minds.

This is the point where we need to draw a line. At this point in time, the really bad guys have violated things that were so disruptive, the system itself had to make an appearance to prove its existence so that Marines would realize themselves as the hand of God, based on the hand tools’ determination of what defines good and thus what defines evil, for Bush and Cheney define evil. Such demands that the Marines begin to realize they will have to protect the USA from the Administration. for the President and VP have interfaced with an anti-system, literally a logical virus, and they are no longer in full control of their logical faculties, especially after you see the mess they have in store for us this next spring.  The only way to win is not to play. 

This is the first provable process for war of the worlds and it’s consistent even with the movies. The 1953 movie said it was a virus that killed the aliens. In the reality from using this as a remote view, we did not realize that the virus was actually attacking us humans.

The virus in the Matrix 3 is the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz is Serleena in Men in Black 2 is really a virus in a field of time that we exist in now but is being logically carried by the values of the most cruel people on this planet, as you can track with the hand tool as noted in my last article. This type of proactive advanced information system should have been given the US Marine Corps in the 1940's.

With the hand tool, all can see who works in the system. One can also easily see what it takes to be so dangerous that one will instantly be removed by people close to them from now on due to this hand tool being for only leaderless freedom forevermore; no other books and no other leaders.

The system is interested in its own integrity. In reality, it will never violate the eight rules, but it has a great ability to process imagination. "HAL wasn’t designed to lie," according to Sir Arthur C. Clarke (which I forgot to properly cite in my last article).

Once you discover that we are all connected on an inner net, but that is only accessible for those who choose to be maximally good, you will see why all who found access had intellects or senses of chivalry that went through the roof at their time. Knights Templar, Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Philip K. Dick, and most importantly for the USA, the Freemasons found this puzzle long before I ever did.

You need to build yourself a logical corridor so that you can collect and remember what you see through time based on what other people see through their imaginations that are consistent between many views. Just remember that time folds between points in stories so that events happen as needed in fantasy, but they are founded on logical truth somewhere in the time corridor, as time only flows in one direction.

How unfortunate it is that the Bush family and their Skull and Bones cronies did the Manchurian Candidate Project on the Marines to make Americans afraid of hypnosis. Now, why the hell would anyone risk doing the Manchurian Candidate project? They were sure they could see through time and they were sure they could get away with it. The problem is, I love the Marine Corps. They represent that of which is Good, and often very funny when at ease. These are the people you want as family, and that is why they leave their families and become of one family, Marines.

We all need to learn from the Marine family on this day, of all days, when we look upon our world and see with clearer eyes the wonder and discovery that peace prevails with eight simple rules for reality so that all can escape into infinite fantasy without any costs. This IS heaven because the greatest computer hardware you would ever want to buy your kids are already built into them, and you, and your parents, and everyone you know.

Consider how AIDS would have happened if, in the 1940's, they revealed that anyone could trigger any feeling they’d ever had, even one single time, for multiple re-experiences without having to do so in reality. I’ve run hypnosis to multiple orgasms for both men and women. That script on my website is one of the most requested on my site, but it’s time that people discover everything they can do with these bodies of ours. Instead, the Bush are making a ton of money at all the suffering of people.

Look at all the military service people suffering with post traumatic stress disorder. With the Basic All In One, you don’t even have to remember being you, let alone what happened in the past week, month, or lifetime. The levels of self control become endless, but more so, if you want to learn from someone else’s mind, you may have someone be a host and swap personalities with others and then have the new personalty re-live their entire life memory while in a host’s body so that the host learns from the guest mind. You have seen this remote view many times, including in the Matrix.

All humans are actually one great being. E Pluribus Unum. Something attacked the planet and made us believe that we are to be separate, but they also edited our interface for us, so that we lost connection with the host system. They edited off pin one, "Do not lie," and pin four, "Do not torture," of an eight-bit interface, and we lost contact. Just one look at George Bush or Dick Cheney reveals how much better the world would have been with those two rules in effect.

Who has time for war when there is so much discovery and opportunity for new earning and learning? This nation needs all the help it can get. How nice that the Gospels sent us the tools for us to show the Marines how much we are being tortured by this administration and thus beg these honorable citizens to terminate our relationship with this administration.

Here, in the City of Angels, may we all raise the dead of those who made life worth living, so that they can have some life again. The lives and knowledge of all humankind will never be lost in the sands of time now that we all have full access to the system, whatever you determine to call it.

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By L DeSilva-Johnson on January 24, 2008 at 12:52 pm

There's so much in here that it's difficult to respond! Nonetheless I think you're on to a lot of things, many of which had me going "yes, yes!" and "hmm... wow... really...?" in turns... At the same time I also had to check myself to keep pace, because the writing has so much of your own intensity in it that it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind as you deftly go from one point to another -- which at the end of the ride made me realize I'd caught very little in my net, there's simply SO much there! It's one to read over. As someone said to me once, "this piece is more... an event" -- one feels that way here.

I'm eager to pore over its content at greater length soon!

Also - you've stumbled upon exactly what Ionesco (the playwright) describes as the challenge in addressing and describing our enviornment -- I suggest, heartily, his "Notes and Counter Notes" if you can find it. Kudos!

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