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Should You Layer Shingles on Your Roof?

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 24, 2017

An overview of some of these problems is as follows:

It is a common observation of people that they most commonly go for the layering of the shingles on their roofs. This is the most common practice observed these days and in fact the most common home improvement question which people ask from the professionals. Basically there is no harm in layering the shingles up on the roof but the main thing is to decide that whether this action of layering the shingles on roof is suitable and is the best action or not. Usually putting the second layer of shingles over the first one on the roof is a very common practice but before you put the third layer of shingles on the roof, you must tear off and remove all the previous layers of shingles on the roof.

Nowadays, Putting a second layer of shingles is also allowed by the municipalities and building codes. When installing the third layer of asphalt shingles on the already existing shingled roof, one must first get the house checked by the department of building inspection and then take the decisions to be sure. There are certain pros and cons of layering the shingles on already laid roof of shingles. It is imperative to consider these before you make a final decision of layering of shingles.

Some problems which you may face while layering the shingles on roof:

There are certain drawbacks associated with the layering of the shingles on already shingles roof and you must take these points into consideration before taking the decision of laying new shingles on the roof. An overview of some of these problems is as follows:

  • If you find any kind of curling or decamping of the shingles already laid on the roof, then you must not commit the mistake of layering the asphalt shingles over this layer of roof. If the second layer is installed on the curled shingles of roof, then these shingles of the new layer will never lay flat and there is a risk of uprooting the shingles.
  • While layering the shingles on the roof, you must make sure that there is no moisture trapped in the previous layer. If any moisture is there, it may lead to the rotting of the underlying layers and wood of the roof.
  • By installing the second layer of shingles over the first one means that you are putting extra weight over the framing of roof. This in the end will cause the bowing and decking of the roof. Ultimately the roof will bow down and ripples may appear on the roof.
  • If there are dimensional shingles already installed over the roof, you must not overlay on this roof.
  • While overlaying the shingles on roof, you have to cut the tab of shingles on first layer. This will create a bump on the layer of shingles all the way on roof. This is not a feasible plan.
  • In order to roof the shingles the next time, you need to tear off both the layers of shingles. This may cause you to spend double the amount than on tearing off the shingles separately two times. This means that layering of shingles will cost you too much in the long run.

Planning to re-shingle your roof:

In spite of all the above mentioned drawbacks of double layering of the shingles on roof, it is still considered to be the best plan in many cases. In many situations if you are going for a temporary fix, then you can apply it in the form of a long term plan. As far as the drawbacks and problems are concerned, these can be addressed by proper planning as the double layered roof will go with you at least for 8 to 10 years. If layering shingles are beyond your expertise then you should surely need help from the best roofers in ann arbor Michigan for shingling your roof efficiently.

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