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How to Choose the Right Wine Travel Accessories

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 21, 2017

Here is a quick list of things that you must keep in mind while selecting a vine travel accessory for yourself.

The wine has been the most passionate drink around the world for centuries. Every country produces its variety of vine typical to its climate conditions and the process of winemaking. Centuries ago travelers use to admire the different taste of vine and their distinct flavor and use to savor it. They use to take barrels of grapes for their journey back home.

It’s not any different today, till date people who travel love to taste the wines of different places and are keen to take some back home for themselves as well as family and friends. The need to carry vine as part of luggage had some constraints, as some wines used to rot while they were in route. There were many incidences of breakage and leakages resulting in total loss.

With this need, it became imperative to design travel accessories capable of safely transporting personal vine bottles. Many companies came up with innovative ideas and carry cases and baggage to enable passengers to mobilize their vine luggage safely. Today there are several designs and types of vine travel accessories available in the market.

Each type of wine bottle has a separate carry case specially designed for taking it on board or in luggage. Such exquisitely designed vine travel accessories ensure its safety and keep its quality intact. There are different designs and shapes of vine travel accessories, like hard cases, cushioned bags, wooden boxes with insulators, individual leather bottle bags etc. but the important this here is to understand which travel accessory to choose to carry your vines bottles.

Here is a quick list of things that you must keep in mind while selecting a vine travel accessory for yourself.

1- The paramount being the nature of vines you wish to carry. Wines are available in different flavors, ages and based on fermentation process their shelf life is determined. Most of the wines tend to rot due to changes in temperatures and other climate conditions. Therefore for such wines, you must buy bags or cases that are properly insulated and have thermostat regulator to maintain the required temperature.

2- Size of the bottle and quantity of bottles you wish to carry is another important factor. Different sizes of boxes and bags, varying the number, ranging from single bottle holders to a dozen can be bought.

3- Nature of bottle packaging is another factor; mostly vine bottles are made of high-quality glass and have wooden cork on top. Such containers require being carried with safety in a bag with separate chambers or holders to hold the bottles intact. Otherwise, due to the constant movement of the containers and their fuzzy nature, the bottles will explode.

4- If you need to carry a single bottle for short travels like camping, or fishing or picnic then there are separate flask shaped cases. Wooden bottle with sling strap to hold the bottle that you can easily carry or leather pouches in the form of container that you can use to contain the bottle.

Basically there are various shapes and sizes of wine travel accessories available in the market. You can easily check them on and even buy them online.

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