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Good items to have in case of an emergency situation

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, August 16, 2017

Preparing a bag with emergency supplies and keeping it at your disposal all the time is a wise move.

There are a number of occasions when you have to leave a place in an emergency. It may be an accident, a natural disaster, or anything else that forces you to leave your belongings at home and move out in no time. In such case, gathering necessary items and compiling them at one place will require time. And when it is something like a natural disaster, you do not have much time to react. Therefore, preparing a bag with emergency supplies and keeping it at your disposal all the time is a wise move. Here, we will let you know some important things that you must have in it.

Water Supply

Water is among the most vital elements in our life. In your day to day routine, you drink, brush, cook, wash, and all of the actions make use of water. Therefore, it is the first thing you should put in your emergency kit. Whether it is flood, tornado, or an earthquake, you should carry water with you. The equation is that you put the supply of at least 3 days. If you are preparing for more than one person, it should be like a gallon per person for each day making 3 gallons of water in your emergency stockpile for 1 person.

Food supply

The second thing you need to consider is the food supply. You should have 3 day food supply with you in the bag. When you pack the emergency food, it becomes hard to pick the right items. Things that need cooking or refrigeration are not a wise choice. Look for the canned food such as fruits that are packed in juice rather than syrup. Keep them rotating after a few months to ensure that you have fresh food.

Can opener

Coming towards the tools, you need the can opener. It is important because food in your stockpile will be canned and without an opener, it will be tough for you to reach it. Thus, while you put food, also place the can opener alongside.

First aid kit

The medical equipment is also critical when we talk about packing your emergency bag. Disasters happen and with it come to the injuries. The first aid kits are available to you that come with items like sterile gloves, soap, bandages, ointment, etc. Moreover, the medications that come as pain relievers are also included. You may also find scissors and tweezers that help you pluck out something that might have got inside your skin.


Another important item in your emergency bag is radio. It helps you in getting aware of the current scenario. Broadcasts are regularly held during disasters to inform people about the aid and keep them updated about what is coming further.

Other supplies
The other critical emergency supplies include batteries and flash lights. The batteries allow you to operate your radio and flash light and other items. Then, something like a whistle that lets you send signal is also recommended. If you regularly use some medication, you must place them in the emergency box too. Last but not the least, a charger for your cell phone which can be either battery operated or solar, to keep your phone running.

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