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Flower Types For Beautiful Arrangements

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 11, 2017

There are several styles of arrangements to choose from, so read on!

There are very few things that are as beautiful as a floral arrangement designed with different types of flowers. Once summer has arrived, this is the perfect time to collect blossoms and create a beautiful arrangement. Create a lovely arrangement for your dining room or living room table or as a gift for a friend.

There is an art to floral arrangements but try your hand and your skills improve with each arrangement. There are so many different types of flowers to choose from but some of the most popular varieties are lilies, impatiens, freesia, daisies, roses, delphinium and, wild roses. Take a peek at your flower garden and think about what would make a wonderful floral arrangement.

Taking your time will help you come up with the right blend of flowers and evergreens to bring your arrangement full circle. There are several styles of arrangements to choose from, so read on!

Circular Arrangements:

The circular design is the closest to nature as most flowers grow in this shape. This design adds a very eye appealing presence and is often used for a dining room table or a buffet. This design is very easy to capture and create, so choose some types of flowers in your garden and try your hand out on this simple design.

Triangular Arrangement:

This is the most popular design used by professionals and novices alike. The triangle design has the tallest flowers in the center and shorter ones around the edges. Again, you can add some evergreen or baby's breath to polish off the look.

Crescent Arrangement:

This is a really beautiful design that is popular for formal occasions. The design takes quite a bit of skill to master but once you do, it will be something everyone will notice. The crescent design is used as a focal point in lobbies or on a table you want to draw people's attention to.

Fan Arrangement:

This horizontal design usually consists of low lying flowers and perfect as a centerpiece for a dining room table or a buffet.

“S” Shaped Arrangement:

This is a very elegant arrangement that works best with curved branches. Once the “S” is created, fill the center with your favorite types of flowers. This is a very popular design in Japan and represents harmony between earth and eternal life. The design has been created for over 100 years. The formal arrangement is called Seika, the floating arrangement is called Ukibana, and the basket is called Morimano If you are interested in this arrangement, grab some online photos and give it a shot!

Floral arrangements that you have created yourself from your many types of flowers in your garden will be something very special. Whether to usher in the summer weather, or as a gift for someone's birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just to say thank you, once you get the hang of it, you can create so many different designs and even create your own! Flowers are very special to you, you have nurtured their growth and want to share them with everyone! Create a design with yellow blooms and brighten up your living room or give to someone who is under the weather.

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