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Three Ways To Avoid Overspending On Water Heater

by LNT (writer), , September 13, 2017

These are simple yet mindful things to do before you buy a new water heater.These steps are instrumental in helping you avoid overspending by considering all important aspects of buying a water heater

Three Ways To Avoid Overspending On Water Heater

When it comes to buying a home appliance, most of us end up succumbing to fancy features that we might never make use of. It is a common tendency among households to buy stuff thinking of future requirement. In some cases, it works as a perfect plan while in some it doesn’t. The whole idea is to not overspend on something that we might not be sure of making a good use.

Which household does not need the water heater to fight the chilling winter season? Whether you are replacing the old heater or installing it for the first time, there are certain things you can do to avoid overspending on a water heater.

When you start exploring about water heaters, you will come across the most common topic of discussion, read tank water heater v/s tankless water heater. Well, both these models of water heaters come with their own set of pros and cons. Taking a good decision over this issue alone will, however, not help you ensure that you do not overspend. After you have decided the type of water heater you need, considering following points can be a fool proof way to avoid overspending on a water heater:

1. Get price quotes/ bids from multiple plumbers: This is recommended to strike a tradeoff between the cost of the appliance and operational cost i.e. cost of fuel. It is very clear that you would be paying for the appliance only once, but the cost of fuel will be a recurring cost. Therefore, a well-informed decision must be made, especially if you are looking for one of the newer types of tank water heaters. The water heater with a heat pump for electric and condensing for gas come with a more expensive price label but are more energy efficient. A careful calculation of prices will help you find the right heater type. Getting at least three price quotes or bids is important to find the most economical one. The different bids will also help you cross check your calculation of expenses on fuel and the label price. Also, different plumbers might recommend different types of water heaters for you. Their opinion might be useful in finalizing the type of water heater you should be buying.

2. Your municipality’s regulations for installation of water heaters: Water heaters, although a home appliance, maybe regulated in most municipalities. Installing a water heater might require a permit from municipal authorities. This is important to note for the first time buyers. If you are replacing an old one, this shouldn’t be a point of worry. With the ever evolving technologies used in water heaters, there are newer models coming in the market frequently. Some of these are bigger in structure and occupy more space. There isn’t a great difference in the structural size but keeping that in mind is worth it even when you are only replacing an old one. The regulations would not attract a direct cost. You will, however, incur expenses on making it suitable for the current building codes in force. This will consume both time and money. Watch out if the model picked by you also requires installing an electric line. These expenses may not seem obvious, but they do add up to your total expense. Minimizing or doing away with these expenses is possible if you keep the regulations and building codes in mind while selecting the water heater.

3. Compare first hour ratings: First-hour rating is the volume of water that the water heater is capable of supplying per hour. It is mentioned on the Energy Guide label. As a buyer, you may be too motivated to consider only the volume of water that the tank can hold in the case of a tank water heater. For example, if you buy a water heater with 50-gallon tank, it will be capable of supplying only about 35 gallons of hot water. It so happens that as the hot water gets used, the hot water gets replaced by cold water. You may calculate the usability of a certain water heater by first hour ratings by considering that an average shower that lasts eight minutes uses 17.2 gallons of water. That adds up to two showers with a tank capacity of 50-gallons bearing the first-hour rating of 35. By comparing the first-hour rating, you can easily determine if the volume is suitable for your peak hour needs. To figure that out, sum up the consumption of water at different outlets in your home at the peak consumption hours. You can then compare the first hour ratings to find the best pick for your household.

According to a tankelss water heater review site, these are simple yet mindful things to do before you buy a new water heater. These steps are instrumental in helping you save money by not overspending on things just because you were ignorant about it. The price label as well as the cost of fuel play important roles in determining the overall cost of a water heater. Similarly, as mentioned above, identifying the type of water heater that matches your requirement should be an elaborate process to find out the most suitable product.

A new water heater is a great addition to your household that ensures a comfortable living. This appliance lasts quite long when maintained well. Therefore, regular maintenance through certified professionals must be undertaken. Whichever source of energy you may be consuming, it is a wise step to educate all the family members on how to save the fuel or avoid overuse of the fuel to cut down the expenses. It only takes small conscious steps to do so like, aligning the different usages of hot water around the same time, judicious use of running hot water, etc. It is also a great idea to switch off the water heater when not in use to avoid accidental damages. Especially if your house is locked during the day hours, avoiding accidental damages is the best way to ensure peace of mind.

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