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Tips on Winding Down After work

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 10, 2017

The workday ends, but not in your head? There are 10 tips on winding down after work.

Leaving business in the office is not easy, especially if you are working on a frankly stressful position. In addition, the remote work at home brings also a lot of unnecessary thoughts. It is really difficult to allocate time for rest.

Sometimes it seems that we are so fixated on achieving success and constantly increasing the results that the head does not turn off the toggle switch "work". Infinite thoughts about work tasks, playing various, more successful scenarios, internal conversations with the director who was not right. All this creates chaos and increases anxiety.

Most people face a serious problem. They cannot switch off after the working day. Sometimes the thoughts about work prevent one from fully sleeping: people wake up at night and mentally compose reports or letters, or do it while sleeping in a dream. All this greatly hinders enjoying life, from which misunderstandings, quarrels and disagreements in families arise.

The workday ends, but not in your head? There are 10 tips on winding down after work.

10 minutes of relaxation are required

Coming home, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit in a quiet environment and try just to relax for 10 minutes. Force yourself not to think about work. Turn on enjoyable music and immerse yourself in it. If you manage to get distracted for 10 minutes, you can disconnect from thoughts of work for the rest of the evening.

Do not take home documents or unfinished work

Another important rule, worked out over the years, is not to take the work home. It is better to stay late, but to come home with a head free from work, and devote only personal time to at least a couple of hours.

Work is at work, family and rest are at home

Leave all the working moments at work. For 10-15 minutes before the end of the working day, carefully think of your work plan for the next day, make it on a sheet of paper or in a special program and leave it at work. Do not carry your thoughts about tomorrow’s work processes home or on the meeting with friends. They want to see and hear you as a close person.

Set a limit on work cases

What reminds you about working at home? Do you visit the work page on the Internet? Do you check your work email? Talk to colleagues on the phone? Limit yourself consciously, forbid yourself to check mail, and learn to respond to colleagues “Let’s discuss it tomorrow during working hours” or do not respond at all. If someone thinks of reproaching you at work, boldly retort that your family is more important for you and you value your rest. Workers with this position are valued and respected in the team most of all.

Calmness and only calmness

Try to accept the idea that at work without you nothing will fall apart. It is always pleasant to think that we are irreplaceable, that all the cases that are addressed to us are urgent and important, and that without us it is simply nowhere! In business, there is a law: 80% of cases that you put off for at least an hour, then are resolved by themselves. A colleague looking for a lost document will find it himself, if he does not reach you. It turns out that an urgent response to the letter will not speed things up at all. Check it out!

The main thing is balance

Choose the type of recreation that is right for you. It is recommended to rest on the principle opposite to your main employment: if you work passively, sitting at your computer all the day long, then the best decision will be active rest and movement. You also need to plan it well, otherwise free time will fly by, and the sense of renewal will not come.

Get a hobby

Remember about what you always dreamed of doing and turn it into your hobby. Have you ever wanted to make music? Buy yourself a simple tool and try to learn the basics. Do you like to draw? What prevents you today to buy an album and crayons? On the Internet, you will find a lot of training videos that will help you to master at a basic level almost any occupation from graphic design to joinery. Drop fears that may have prevented you from starting earlier, because this is your personal hobby and the process will be much more important than the result. The main thing is that the first step in this direction can be done only by you.

Make a list of movies that you would like to see

When you are tired after work, you will hardly have a desire to watch a good film. However, it will be very convenient if the list of such films will be on hands. Take care of this in advance.

Do not forget about reading

Reading is a great way to get distracted. This is much more effective than mindless surfing the Internet or sitting in social networks. Your imagination will help you to drift away from the office and at least temporarily leave work problems.

Active rest

Another option is to go somewhere to have fun and spend time with friends. Go to the entertainment center, play bowling, skating, go to the cinema with a noisy company. To do this, you need a car to get to the desired place. You can rent a car in advance. If you live close to Lisbon, don’t hesitate to book a car in the city. There are the best prices and a huge variety of car rentals in Lisbon airport.

We hope that these tips will help you at least temporarily postpone working problems and restore your strength in your spare time. Any big changes start with a small step. The balance of work and personal life, some psychologists call the guarantee of a happy life and well-being. Good luck!

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