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How to Prepare for Successful Entrepreneurship

by Editor (editor), , August 03, 2017

Sylviane Nuccio is an entrepreneurship and relationship coach, writer and author.

More and more people are leaving their job to start their own business.

The reason why this is a growing trend the world over it’s because of a few factors that make creating and owning your own business more accessible and easier than ever before.

Such factors include, but not limited to…

  • The internet, which allows people to start a business literally at the tips of their fingers.
  • Easy access to personal development material that helps people to become more independent.
  • More new business opportunities than ever before.
  • Job opportunities are diminishing while business opportunities are growing.

With this in mind, there are few vital areas that you need to consider if you want to start your own business and thrive in it as fast and as long term as possible.

According to a Forbes article from top notch entrepreneur Neil Patel as well as many other sources, some 90% of online startup businesses end up in failure.

While there could be a multitude of reasons why the majority of people starting a business fail, some important factors are the direct results of lack of preparation. Being prepared is key.

With this in mind, this article is going to help you understand what you need to know and have before you even start your online or offline business in order to give you the best chances for success.

Understand the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

The first thing that one needs to understand in order to become a successful entrepreneur it’s that entrepreneurs think differently than employees do. They simply have a different mindset.

You could be the best and most talented employee in your field, but if you don’t think like an entrepreneur you may never get the idea that you could use your talents and skills to turn your job into a business that you could own yourself, and thus multiply your salary by a hundred to a thousand fold.

So, it would be fair to say that the first and foremost ingredient that you need to have to become a successful entrepreneur it’s the right mindset.

With the right mindset everything else is going to fall into place eventually, and you’ll be able to tackle any challenges or problems that may come your way.

Without the right mindset, however, you might sink into despair and failure at the first manifestation of any issue that might come up.

The rule of thumb is get prepared mentally before you attempt to start your own business if you’ve never been an entrepreneur before.

Get Ready

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, you need to make sure you’re ready with all the education and knowledge that you need to have in order to be successful in your new business.

Too many new entrepreneurs, especially the online business ones, start their business as total dilettante with little to no knowledge in the field and business that they want to embark on.

Having a professional knowledge of your field before you actually start your business is the right thing to do for a new entrepreneur who wants to be successful.

Have a Plan

Another major key to business success that you need to have to be a successful entrepreneur is a plan.

For example, if you are still holding a job, what are your plans on making the switch from your job to owning and running your business?

  • Will you be working your business part time until you feel comfortable enough to leave your job?
  • Did you write a plan of action about how you are going to make the switch?
  • What is the net income that you’re planning on reaching within the first year?
  • Have you calculated the cost of settling down whether you want to run an online or off line business?

Associate with People in Your field

Another important thing that you could do to increase your chances of success as a new entrepreneur is trying to associate with people who are already successfully running the type of business that you want to start in.

Hanging out with and getting advice from people who are where you want to be is an excellent way to prepare yourself for owning a successful business.

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