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Madison HVAC Company Furnace Check Up Tips

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 01, 2017

Here is a small guide on how to check furnace by you and keep it running in good condition.

Winter is coming! And so there is the need for heating up your residence. You do not worry about checking and maintaining the furnace unless it’s cold and you need warmth. But this should not be the case, says Madison HVAC Company that deals in installation and maintenance of heating and cooling system for home and office.

Quick advisory on Furnace check up DIY “do it yourself “tips

For the heating system of your home, to function properly, you must regularly inspect the furnace even its summers. This will ensure that the furnace is in good running condition and will not crash all of a sudden when required. Here is a small guide on how to check furnace by you and keep it running in good condition.

1- Regular inspection of thermostat

You must keep an eye on the thermostat regularly; you must call for a service provider to inspect if the level drops very low.

2- Filter inspection and cleaning/changing

Regular checks on the filter and cleaning it n regular intervals will ensure that the filter is clean and not clogged. Also, you must test the condition of the filter. If it requires replacement, you must get it done before you need to operate it. This will save you both time and effort.

3- Keep a check on electrical components of the furnace

The electrical parts tend to Detroit with time. You must often check all electrical parts of the furnace to check for any damages or displaced wires or parts.

4- Oiling and greasing is essential

Even if the furnace is not in use, due to regular wear and tear and passage of time machinery is bound t depreciate and rust. You must grease or oil furnace motor and components to prevent them from rusting.

5- Check for cracks in heat exchanger

Inspect the heat exchanger to and from the furnace for any cracks or holes. Any such cracks can lead to escape of carbon monoxide in your living area which is very harmful, at times fatal.

6- Air flow must be checked

A regular check on the air flow will help you analyze if the air vent is clean and the air evaporator coil needs to be changed or not. This will assist in maintaining the air flow through the furnace and keep the furnace properly working.

Timely upkeep and regular maintenance of the furnace at your end will ensure that the furnace works properly and remains in good working condition for a long life. One thing that many people do not heed is, when you keep your furnace unused and unchecked throughout summers, a lot of dust and rust clogs it vents and evaporators. It also extends to jam the motor and spinners which in turn affects the working of the furnace. And when you tend to operate it in winters, you find it smells a bad odor, or at the time it does not even works, leading you to call for service and repairs person immediately.

So do not put yourself to so much trouble. Follow the furnace care tips by and give long durable life to the furnace and warm winters to you.

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