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The Importance of Signs in the Workplace

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 28, 2017

There are a few main categories you must be aware of:

Signs in the workplace can stop accidents from occurring and educate individuals on how to act in case of an emergency. Legislature covers the use of these signs, so it is vital that employers take the time to find the right signs for their building.

The workplace can be a dangerous place. This applies to all industries, but particularly those where there are new visitors every single day. This includes places like hospitals, leisure centres, restaurants, shops and similar places. It can be challenging to educate everybody of the potential hazards in the area when there are so many people coming and going. This is why it is vital that employers place signs around the premises.

These signs are similar to road signs as they can work on a subconscious level and are understood immediately. Not only do these signs educate people on how to stay safe, but they can also keep the safety on everybody’s minds reducing the chances of an accident occurring.

The type of signs that you have in your workplace depends on your industry and what specific hazards you face, but there are a few main categories you must be aware of:


Prohibition signs are designed to stop individuals from carrying out a behaviour which causes risk to health and safety. They are red and usually have a black symbol in a red circle with a diagonal cross going from left to right. A few examples include signs of no smoking, no entry, no parking and no mobile phones.


Unlike a prohibition sign, a mandatory sign prescribes a particular behaviour to be carried out. These must be blue and usually have white text/symbol inside a blue circle. The most common examples include fire door keep shut, eye protection must be worn and keep fire exit clear.

Fire Safety

Fire safety signs are vital and must be present in all workplaces. These signs indicate where escape routes and emergency exits are so that people know where to go in the case of an emergency. They also provide information on where fire fighting equipment is or give warning in case of fire.


A warning sign is useful for warning people about the possible hazards in the area and are usually yellow or amber. They include caution very hot water, danger electrical hazard, CCTV in operation and mind the step.

Safe Condition

These signs provide information on where people should go in case of an emergency. This includes emergency exits, first-aid facilities and escape routes. They can also be used to locate safety equipment. They use a white symbol on a green background.

These are the five signs that employers should place around the workplace. The legislation covers the use of these signs in this country, so ensure that you identify the risks in your business and invest in the right signs to educate people about how to respond in case of an emergency.

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