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by olivia (writer), Tampa, FL, August 11, 2017

The terms “RV” happen to be worlds apart. But environmentally conscious buyers still want a motor home that provides modern amenities and minimizes the harm caused to the ecosystems.

According to a 2013 NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) survey, consumers expressed a desire to see more alternative fuel-powered vehicles on the roads within the next 10 years, and they were open to the idea of buying such a vehicle later. Fast forward four years and this “prophecy” has somewhat come true; 2016 witnessed electric vehicle sales in the country climb three times higher than the number sold in 2012.

You might be wondering how all this relates to you? Here you are, wondering how can I get people to buy my RV, and here I am prattling on about facts and statistics. Well, to put things into perspective, the interest in greener, more eco-friendly vehicles encompasses the whole of the automobile industry, and that includes RVs too. So, a greener motor home will go down well with prospective buyers, especially considering how millennials are the driving force in the RV industry right now and care deeply about the environment.

The thing is, to capture the interest of this consumer base, you need an eco-friendly product, and that’s a bit difficult when your vehicle is a fuel-guzzling, greenhouse gas-emitting giant. But it’s not impossible; it simply means you’ve got to put in more effort to attract these lucrative, moneyed buyers. Take your pick from the options given below to “greenify” your RV:

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to start your journey towards a cleaner, greener motor home. A classic energy-saver, these panels are a worthwhile investment if you plan on appealing to the millennial consumer. They are sure to appreciate a rig that draws energy from the sun and uses the same to power itself. Installation may prove a bit tricky, but a solar panel expert will easily get the job done.

Invest in Solar Accessories

Just because they are eco-friendly, it does not mean that all solar accessories look boring. For example, you will find plenty of solar-powered lanterns in the market that not only look pretty but do a decent job of lighting up the RV environment. Replace your regular lights with these products and see the kind of attention your motor home gets from buyers. The best part is, these lights consume a lot less energy. Plus, they allow your vehicle to stand out from the regular RV crowd. Just imagine lighting up the campsite or having your normal dinnertime conversations under the light of these beautiful solar lanterns. We’re sure that your buyers are going to love the idea!

Green Products for Your Mobile Home

An RV is your home away from home. This means you’ll require most of the necessities used in a normal house. Why not try something different in this case and go for products that are less harmful? For example, you could try substituting the normal deodorizers and tank cleaners for enzyme-based cleaners. They get the job done just as well but cause less damage to the environment. Another welcome addition to your RV can be a biodegradable toilet paper. Unlike other toilet paper brands, this variant does not clog your drains.

Nobody claimed greening up your RV would be easy, but it is a necessity if you wish to attract millennial buyers and get a better price on your vehicle. So, the next time you wonder, how do I get people to buy my RV, it’s best to let your new upgrades do the talking. These changes may not seem like much, but they have a significant impact on the interest level of prospective environmentally-aware buyers.

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