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6 Unexpectedly Dangerous Jobs

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 16, 2017

There are dangers lurking in other jobs you think are safe.

Think about dangerous jobs and what comes to mind? Usually, police officers, firefighters, and test pilots. But there are dangers lurking in other jobs you think are safe. What about workers in a pet shop, garbage collectors, or bakers? There are more risks than you realize.

Working with Animals

Working in a pet shop seems like a safe job, but it leads the nation in the highest percentage of on-the-job injuries. In fact, pet store employees get four times more injuries than construction workers. Animals are unpredictable and workers never know when a seemingly calm animal may attack.

Working in an animal hospital, whether you are a veterinarian or an assistant, comes with risks. To reiterate, animals are unpredictable and never more so than when they are hurt or sick. In addition, vets taking care of larger animals, like horses, risk injury from being stepped on or kicked.

Garbage Men

Garbage collecting is a dangerous job. According to Trucks and Parts, fatalities in the garbage industry ranks fifth in deaths every year. Garbage men risk falling off trucks, getting hit by passing vehicles, and hurting themselves lifting trash cans that are too heavy. Injuries range from a hernia and sprains to torn up hands and bruised knees. Plus, garbage collectors suffer from stomach problems, allergies, and respiratory problems more than the average worker.

Airline Employees

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Airplane crashes aside, flight attendants get hurt during turbulence. They are not safely buckled in a seat when the airplane hits a rough spot. Falls and being hit by unsecured objects are very common. So next time you fly, know the cabin crew risks injury to serve you food or drink.

Bakery Workers

Speaking of food, another often dangerous job is the corner doughnut shop. Bakery kitchens often exceed 120 degrees. Think about a hot summer day and what heat does to the body. Frequent water breaks and stepping away from the kitchen area ensures bakers do not suffer from heat stroke.

Farming and Ranching

Life on a farm sounds peaceful and calm to many, but dangers are lurking everywhere. Farmers work outside in all weather conditions, operating heavy farm equipment responsible for many injuries and deaths annually. For ranchers, the risk of working around animals is ever-present. Not only do animals bite, kick, or knock people over, but stampeding herds are possible.

Other Hazardous Jobs

Many professions cause extreme stress, place workers in harsh environments, expose employees to chemicals and hazardous pathogens, or require working with high power equipment. Landscapers and yard maintenance crews work with sharp tools and blades; the nightly office cleaning staff uses harsh chemicals and risks falling trying to reach tough places; and nurses worry about more than exposure to deadly diseases: bathing obese patients strains back muscles. If you have seen the TV show "Deadliest Catch," you know commercial fishing is treacherous.

Police officers, firefighters, and construction workers know their jobs come with risks. But many normal jobs come with dangers too. Always look out for yourself and beware of activities that cause harm.

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